Command Block Train Map

ID: 22003

This Command Block Train map (Redstone) for Minecraft PE is a kind of demonstration of the possibilities with command blocks, so if you want to visually look at the capabilities of this function, gain experience, learn interesting mechanisms. To come up with something of your own in the future, download the addon right now.

Command Block Train mcpe 1

On the territory of this map there will be a huge train, it looks very cool, the detail is at the highest level, although this is not at all the main thing here, because the Author just wants to show you how this huge piece of blocks can be set in motion.

Command Block Train mcpe 2

It’s very simple: use the pressure plates installed inside the train – they will act as a control unit for a huge machine. Only if you stand on it will the train move forward. That is, in order to stop the device, you just need to move away from the stove so that no one presses on it.

Command Block Train mcpe 3

Unfortunately, the supplement is very crude, so it is not very big as it might seem at first glance. The Command Block Train map for Minecraft PE is only about two hundred blocks. Ultimately, your final station will be the village, which is shown in the screenshot below. The train will not go anywhere else, and it can be disassembled, broken, in general, anything can be done, since it is no longer suitable for use. It is necessary to reinstall the card in order to repeat the whole process again.

Command Block Train mcpe 4

By the way, you can play it with friends, let one stand on the pressure plate, and you, in turn, enjoy the beautiful view of the landscape instantly disappearing into the distance in MCPE.


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