To encourage a sense of community, Centoricraft provides a Discord server where players can connect and receive support from staff members. The server also features a shopping district where players can purchase plots using diamonds, adding an economic aspect to the game. It supports crossplay, allowing players from different platforms to join. The current season, CentoriCraft Two: Rise of the Machines, includes the tree capitator feature, which makes chopping down trees and gathering resources easier. Overall, Centoricraft offers a safe and enjoyable Minecraft experience, with various features designed to enhance gameplay. The server includes advanced base protection and deathchests for players to secure their structures and retrieve lost items. The community-focused Discord server allows players to interact with each other. The machine and shopping districts add a fun economic element, and crossplay support ensures accessibility for players on different platforms. The current season introduces the tree capitator feature, making resource gathering more convenient. With its secure and enjoyable gameplay, Centoricraft is an excellent choice for those looking to explore the world of Minecraft. We look forward to welcoming you as we embark on this new adventure together. See you there… Discord Link: CENTORICRAFT DISCORD SERVER: ABOUT US: Centoricraft is a Minecraft server that offers various unique features to provide a fun and secure gaming experience for players of all ages. One standout feature is the advanced base protection system that ensures players can build and maintain their structures without worrying about griefing. Additionally, the server provides deathchests that last for 20 minutes, giving players ample time to retrieve their lost items after dying. CENTORICRAFT NEW: – New server hub – New realm CHANGES: No new changes FIXES: – Resolved issues with the shopping district – Fixed cartography tables not being accessible on Bedrock Edition Minecraft versions: 1.19