Legends SMP

Legends SMP is a Minecraft server that offers a semi-anarchy and semi-vanilla survival multiplayer experience. It is available for both Java and Bedrock players on versions 1.18+.


  • Custom bosses, armor, tools/weapons with unique designs ✨
  • McMmo ⬆️
  • Factions and claims ⚔️
  • Semi-anarchy SMP 🪖
  • And much more!

This server is/has:

  • Not pay to win 💸
  • An active and professional staff and team 😎
  • Fast support 💪
  • Custom coded servers and features 🧑‍💻
  • An active community 🏘️



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Legends SMP is a survival multiplayer Minecraft server available for both Java and Bedrock players on versions 1.18+. It offers a semi-anarchy and semi-vanilla gameplay experience, including features like factions/claims, custom items, and challenging bosses.


Check the changelog for the latest updates!

  • Created the server
  • Compatible with both Bedrock and Java
  • Added a variety of unique features
  • Fixed the enchanted bedrock recipe
  • Adjusted spawn rates
  • Extended the timer for teleport PvP disablement to prevent trapping
  • Declared tp trapping as a bannable offense

I will no longer update the changelog. Join our Discord for all changes and updates.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.0, 1.19.80, 1.19.70, 1.19.60, 1.19.50, 1.19.40, 1.19.30, 1.19.20, 1.19.10