Minecraft Bedrock Campaign in Progress, Join our Beta!!
Embark on an Exciting Adventure to Uncover the Mystery of the Dark Magic That has Taken Over the Lands 
– Do you Have the Skills? Show us!
Join a Friendly Community

Collect Rewards & Achievements, Make Friends, Go on Quests & either Form or Join a Faction
Build Towns/Bases/Kingdoms, play PvP/PvE, Mini Games & Battle Unique Bosses.  

We are currently Hiring Staff to Develop the Server, Campaign, and Keep Addons/Coding up to date! 

Join Our Discord to Apply for a Staff Position!
Check Out the SERVER SHOWCASE to See What’s Coming!!
Visit the How-To Section for Basic Tutorials

Stay Up-to-date with the Change-log / “Updates” Section


Original Castle Built by FaragilusEnhanced by the Reborn RPG Team!

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IP: reborn-rpg.apexmc.co
Port: 19132

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We Strive to be one of the Leading Campaign/Storymode Themed Factions & MiniGames Servers on Bedrock, Offering a Unique Experience. 

Season 1 Lore

Rise of the Lost Realms

In the land of Minecraft, a once-thriving kingdom called Aetheria has fallen into ruin. The factions that used to govern the land have divided, leaving chaos and darkness in their wake. In this time of anarchy, a new generation of adventurers has emerged, each vying for power and seeking to restore order to the realm.

In Rise of The Lost Realms,
players join one of the emerging factions and embark on a perilous journey to establish their dominance.
The shattered remains of Aetheria are filled with secrets and hidden treasures, but also dangers lurking around every corner. The factions must navigate treacherous landscapes, battle hostile mobs, and conquer enemy fortresses in order to assert their dominance and uphold their beliefs.

As players make progress, they will uncover ancient artifacts and discover forgotten lore that sheds light on the downfall of Aetheria and the ever-growing darkness. They will encounter mysterious factions that have risen from the ashes, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions. Tensions rise as battles for control over strategic resources erupt, and alliances are formed and broken.

The season culminates in an epic showdown between the most powerful factions vying for control of the realm. The fate of Aetheria hangs in the balance as players engage in intense PvP battles, siege fortified strongholds, and engage in political maneuvering to secure their place in history.

Rise of the Lost Realms is a story of redemption, exploration, and conquest. It challenges players to forge their own destiny in a broken world, navigating the complexities of faction politics while facing the dangers that lie ahead. Who will rise to claim the throne and bring order to the lost realms of Aetheria? Only time will tell.

**First Place Leaderboards Prizes**:

$50 Gift Card of Choice (or Other Item Equivalent to $50)

**Second Place Leaderboards Prizes**:

$25 Gift Card of Choice (or Other Item Equivalent in Price Under $30)

**Third Place Leaderboards Prizes**:

$10 Gift Card of Choice (or Other Item under $15)

Good Luck!

Starting a Server: Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Started as a New Player

When You First Spawn, Agree to the Rules, Select a Class & Origin to Obtain Special Abilities & Environmental Effects), Then Join Survival
Complete Part 1) of Chapter 1 (‘Waking Up’)

1. First Time Joining

Proceed to Play the Game and Follow the Instructions.

You will Spawn In a Cave. Your Goal is to Play as You Normally Would and “Return to Your Personal World” and Go back to Your Little Cave Camp, 

Upon Exiting, You Notice Something Emerging from Black Goo. Pick up the Shard that Comes out of the Mysterious Sculk Goo and Follow the Game’s Instructions!

(Instructions Begin After Collecting the Stone Sword In the Starting Chest In Your Mansion, Exit the Chest as Soon as You Collect the Sword) 

READ THE SIGNS – They Contain Important Information, This Server Offers a Very Detailed Experience with Many Features!
You Will Spawn In Your Mansion, Collect the Stone Sword, Go to the Kitchen and Make Some Coffee and Toast

Brew a Cup of Coffee, Then Craft Dough and Make Some Bread. Next, Cut the Bread into Loaves and Slices and Put them in the Toaster

2. After Breakfast, Leave the Mansion and Talk to Your Neighbor, Then Visit the Blacksmith. 

Then Proceed down the path to the Ship waiting at a tower and Travel to Stone Bear Keep.

Find the Alchemist, a Friend of Yours (First Located Upstairs in the Library at the Faction/Campaign Lobby), to Study the Item You Found.


Or Leave the Area and Begin Your Hardcore Survival! (Not Actually Permanent Death, Just a More Enhanced Minecraft Experience with Challenging Mobs, Quests, and Built-in Economy Systems, as Well as Mini Games!)
Have Fun Exploring and Good Luck!

To Change Your Origin from the Hub, Find “New Player” Or Visit the Factions/Campaign Lobby

You Must “Right Click” Or Tap “Talk” on the Screen to Select Your “Origin” 
(Not All Races are Currently Available, They are Being Programmed for 1.19+!)

(Your Race Can Be Changed Anytime at the Hub and Lobbies)

4. The “HUB” Server is One of the Main Safe Zones of the Server, Where You Can Buy, Sell, and Trade.

  • To Return to Spawn from Anywhere, Name Something “Warp Hub” (Without Quotations) and Throw it on the Ground to Teleport!
    It Takes a Few Seconds to Register, So Stand Still!

Are You Ready for One of the Most Exciting and Challenging Survival Experiences in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?
There is So Much to Explore!

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Key Details

This Server Doesn’t Offer Custom Commands
Experience Warping and Fun Animations

Discover Specific Places and Things with Named Pieces of Paper

Find the List at the Info Board!
Apply in-game for Special Structure Block Land Protection Cores; Never worry about losing your base or belongings to enemies. Robbing is allowed and encouraged, but don’t grief or destroy others’ creations. Take and leave in peace! 

Unlock Abilities and Powers Based on Your Level by Activating Specific Stat Levels at Player Customization 
(Visit the Armory!)

Take a Sneak Peek at What Awaits for an Enhanced Minecraft Survival Experience..
Minecraft Campaign Vanilla+
Planned Features/Mini-Games:

  • Various Warrior Classes/Jobs (Archer, Mage, Knight, Chef, Butcher, Baker, and more)
  • Red Vs Blue Bedwars (Currently under construction – Join and lend your expertise!)
  • Coin Wars (Be the first team to collect and return the most coins to your treasury! But beware, your treasury can be robbed, so defend it well from enemy teams! Modded weapons and armors spawn in the middle with the coins to add excitement!)
  • Dragon Wars (Mount your dragon and take to the skies to battle other riders. Be the last person, and dragon, standing to win!)
  • Unique Faction Mines (Mines containing over 100 different ores. PvP is allowed in these areas, so mine at your own risk!)
  • Spaceship Races (Race in a spaceship through space, avoiding obstacles and picking up power-ups to hinder other racers!)
  • Mech Battles (Bring your mech to the arena and participate in organized tournaments to be the last one standing in a free-for-all!)
  • Ice Boat Race (Race to the finish line on slippery ice in a boat. Use your bow to break the boats of other contenders and slow them down!)
  • Kit-PvP (Choose your kit and engage in free-for-all PvP matches. Each kit corresponds to another kit or is stronger/weaker. Teaming is allowed to assist in battles!)
  • Wizardry Battles (Choose a magic kit and battle other wizards in a free-for-all PvP arena. Note that it may get laggy with particles, but efforts are being made to improve this!)
  • Faction War Tournaments (To preserve towns, organized battles can be arranged between factions at war. The winners receive in-game coins worth $3M-10M (million) to split among participants in the war.)
  • Top PvPer Tournaments (Ranked PvP tournaments)
  • Dynamite Wars (Teams of 4 compete to blow each other up and be the last team standing!)
  • Loot Party PvP Arena Event (This event can be approached in two ways: be friendly and share the loot, or battle over the loot chests and take what you need/want for yourself or your faction!)
  • Tower Defense (Defend your tower from enemy mobs. If the mobs kill your general, it’s game over! If you successfully defend against all waves, you will earn in-game money and tons of loot!)
  • Tower Battles (Defend and battle against enemy teams to be the last tower standing. Use lasers and modded items. If your tower is destroyed, you cannot respawn and will be eliminated!)
  • Invasion Wars (Teams of up to 32 players on each side are separated by 3 wall sections. With only 10 lives, players must build defenses for their chests and prepare for battle. Once the timer is up, the walls will be removed and players will rush to the middle to bring back coins and win. Inside the middle of the walls are chests filled with modded items, tameables/rideables, and magic wands to bring magic into the battle! To win, you must destroy the opposing team’s chest or collect the most coins. The winning team receives in-game money and loot bags containing tons of modded loot.)

More to come soon
Features already available in the game

  • Exciting Races with Advantages and Disadvantages (Origins+ Mod)(Re-imagined in a Fresh Style!)
  • Engage in Quests and Jobs with Payment Systems, Tier Rewards, Lootbags, and Weapon Crates
  • Encounter Over 50 Bosses and Various Mobs each with their own Unique Stories, Drops, and Rewards for Specific Systems
  • Choose from a Variety of 150+ Weapons with Different Styles and Abilities
  • Select from 150+ Armor Styles to Truly Personalize Your In-Game Appearance
  • Become a Powerful Wizard with Magic Wands and Spells! Summon Minions, Cast Fireballs, or Unleash Lightning to Defeat Your Enemies
  • Tame and Train over 50 Different and Unique Pets, including Unexpected Options like Pet Enderman, who will courageously defend you
  • Hire Dependable Guards and Mercenaries to Equip with Weapons and Armor, Fight by Your Side until Their Last Breath
  • Ride and Tame Dragons, Pegasus, Griffins, Giant Wolves, Goats, and More!
  • Engage in Player Battles using Giant Mechs, Take to the Skies on Dragons, or Command Your Villager Soldier Army!
  • Explore a Vast World filled with Towns, Ready for Survival Mode. Embark on Multiplayer Quests, Defeat Bosses, and Solve Puzzles
  • Use PvP Relics with Cooldowns to Unleash Powerful Attacks on Other Players
  • And Much More!!
    Occasionally, the Server switches to Hard Difficulty for 10 minutes and Randomly Spawns Robbers on Players
    Will You Be Their Next Target? Prepare for a Challenge!


The Reborn RPG Fantasy SMP offers Countless Hours of Pure Fun! JOIN NOW!!
Our Server Uses Addons to Enhance Your Minecraft Bedrock Edition Experience!

Discover an Abundance of Mobs, both Friendly and HostileTruly Experience a Living World with Vibrant Civilization
Recruit Guards and Mercenaries to Aid You in Your Conquests!
There are many Intricate Details we cannot include in this post, but please refer to the Credit links at the bottom for Addon Support!
Help us Build a Wiki! <   Click Here for Wiki


Beta 2.0.0

– A New Mini Realm Server Has Been Opened! Click HERE to Join!
– Server Working Towards 1.20 Changes to Fully Support Incoming Updates

Beta 1.9.7

– Many Mob Variations added and improvements made including pets
– More Dungeon & Minecraft Lore Items Added 

– Increased Loot-bags Number of Drop-able Items Per Roll

– Structures Loot Updated to Include Many other Addon Items
Beta 1.9.6

– Updated Spawn Rates of Certain Mobs to reduce Difficulty 

– Increased Chances of Mobs Dropping other Addon Items

– Added More Areas where Body-Gaurds & Mercenaries Spawn 

– Added Other Addon Items Into Mobs That Offer Trades 

Looking For Coders & People Who Like Making Sword/Armor Textures/Items !

Other Various Bug Fixes


More Origins Programmed & Available To Play With!

Online Store Updated To Correspond With Server
Donate Here

or Here

More Dungeons & Other Various Structures Added

Some Items Durability & Protection Increased & Re balanced


Campaign Introduction Released

Player Homes & Structure Block Protection Core Added

Apply for Personal NPC Warp 
only you and select 5 friends can use 
for quick tp to your base

Server Redone Completely From Scratch

Clan Wars
Adventure Quests


Server Showcase

Showing Some Features

Carry More Pets!

There’s a Civilized World inside the Server! — Use contracts to tame AI Entities, then equip them with a Stone sword to create an Army or have them follow you!

Custom Origins Armors! You start with some basic equipment, but you must work to obtain full armor sets for maximum power. You will receive specific armor/weapons upon visiting your Class/Origin Master, leveling up, and playing the game!


This Is The Full Armor Set for the Reptile Race

This Is The Wardenians/Wardlings Armor Set

Reptile Riding Rhino, Wearing Reptile Rhino Armor ⬇

Ostrich Wearing Rhino Armor

See Leaflet Ability Example. CLICK HERE


Donators Get Cool Exclusives/Perks!

  • Choose from 40+ cool particle cosmetics like fire, lava, and fish. You can also design your own particle trails!
  • Get better starts on wipes and season starts, +20% bonus XP/points, custom pre-enchanted kits, and fly in Survival with unlimited flying machines/pets from the Donator Area!
  • Access the server even when the whitelist is on for maintenance/updates and enjoy unlimited armor/weapons for your specific rank tier.
  • Earn the “Donator” respect/title and more!

—–> I Wish To Donate
Test Trails —–> Click Me
Ranking System Added, & Money System Added!

Get XP, Top Points, Top Coins, Magic Levels, PvP Tiers/Levels/Titles/Particles

Beware of the strong Zombie Soldiers! ⬇

Encounter goblins and monsters! ⬇

Check out these fancy armors and weapons! ⬇

Photo credits here

Meet the friendly Dirt Golem! You can even craft your own for protection!

Fly on Griffins! There are many variants, and you can tame one with a Rabbit Fish!

Experience magic with two magic addons: one by Pokemetal and another by IEmotionless. You can enjoy over 30 unique spells, including the Fire Wand!

Use Necromancy Magic to summon minions to fight for you!

Meet a variety of pets including turtles, slimes, iron golems, ghasts, llamas, rocks, FlanMan, and pet chests. Each pet has its own buffs or can buff each other when you have multiple!

Befriend a friendly knight! Tame them with golden nuggets, sapphires, or contracts. You can even customize and upgrade them with bows, tridents, crossbows, and more!

To embark on a quest, simply hold up a banner to have the knight follow you!

Here’s an example of a quest! ⬇

Tame mighty dragons by stealing their eggs, hatching them next to fire or water, and taming them with meat blocks. Craft meat blocks using 9 raw beef in a crafting table!

Prepare for a challenging battle with the Skeleton King, one of the bosses! It’s a tough fight, so be ready!

Several Examples of Different Armor Appearances

(I have personally created more than 80 different combinations! You can really customize your in-game appearance with just armors!!)

How To Section

Since Bedrock does not have custom commands without scripting, 

we need to mod the game in other ways to create custom commands!
How to Use Handheld Warps & Fun Animations

Give an Item a Name Without Quotation Marks
Specify the action or location you want to go to
Then throw it on the ground!
Try the “Panic!” animation that happens 😀 -> (click)
Warp Compasses can be found in the tools chest at spawn!
See an example GIF of how a compass warp works -> (click)
You can even teleport home! GIF -> (click) Result -> (click)

Info Board & All Available Warps & Possible Fun Emotes & Animations Is Still Being Built, If you have an emote idea please submit it!

We don’t have the /tpa command
But we do have a functioning /tpa system! 
– To request a teleport, name a piece of paper without quotation marks “TPA R1”
– Another player names a piece of paper without quotation marks 
to accept your request – “TPA A1” – – – Next, the player who wants to request a teleport throws TPA R1 on the ground, then the second player throws TPA A1 on the ground. – – – There are three total channels for /tpa, R1-R2-R3 & A1-A2-A3 

^^^(Being reprogrammed)^^^


Player Homes


Player Homes & Faction/Clan Bases

Build Your Base and Get Your Own Personal Warp to the XYZ of Your Choice Only You and 1-5 Selected People Can Use!
Warps are used to easily get to your clan’s town or your personal base/vault! 

Apply with a book at the Homes Manager NPC

Established Towns & Population
Town Name: 𝗔𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗼𝗻
Population: 3
Owner: 𝗤𝘂𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄

Staff Recruitment

Staff Recruitment

We are currently searching for Staff!

Join our discord and complete the Staff Application form in the applications channel!

We have over 80 active players with their own clans and towns, offering a vibrant community!
⬇ Click ⬇
Join Today!

Addon Credits

Our server utilizes multiple addons to enhance your Minecraft Bedrock Edition experience!
PLEASE NOTE – To play, you must have at least 600MB of free space on your device.
Addons used in SMP 

/forsaken-odyssey/ (Expanded Caves)

/big-onions-seasonal-decorations-addon/  (CHRISTMAS)

/cave-update-grappling-hook-add-on/ (Grappling Hooks)
/foods-plus-2/ (FOODS ADDON)

– /medieval-furniture-addon/ (Furniture)

/ancient-tools-custom-3d-items/   (Vanilla 3D Tools)

– /world-animals-addon/ (Animals)

– /fantasy-forest/ (Fantasy Addon)

/dungeon-craft-addon/ (Overworld Biomes)
/fish-s-undead-rising-bedrock-addon/ (Undead Addon)
/darkage-bizarre-addon/ (Plague Addon)
/lord-of-ancient-land-add-on/ (Civilization Addon)
/beautiful-foxes-add-on/ (Fox Pets)
– /user/alex-y-arcanus/  (Ores/Legendary Weapons Addon)
/bedrock-fantasy-addon/ (Flying Horses addon)
/craigs-cosmetics/ (Clothing)
/user/iemotionless/ (Vatonage Magic Addon)
/user/dancing_dragon_liu/ (Bosses)
/user/inwardwolf61415/ (Bosses)
/bedrock-plus-addon/  (Zombie Soldier Addon)

/true-backpack-addon/ (BackPacks)
/forsaken-odyssey/  (Caves)
/rexys-expansion-addon/ (Stone Dirt Golem Addon)
/billeys-mobs-addon/ (Banana Duck Addon)
/pokemetels-wizardry-addon/ (Wizard/Magic Addon)
/end-expansion-addon/ (End Biomes)
/more-types-of-pillagers-add-on/ Please Note:
If you are a creator and do not see your addon on this list, please contact our staff on Discord and we will correct the mistake!
All the addons on this server have been personally tweaked in a Reborn RPG style, – You will not have the same gameplay experience if you were to simply install the addons we use onto a world!Our server offers hundreds of hours of fun for you and your friends.
PLEASE ENJOY & Have fun!
All devices work! – However, some older devices may be unable to load the server. – Make sure your mobile device is from 2014+!


Beta 2.0.0

The First Season is Here!, Participate and Win Real Prizes! (Gift-Cards/Online Purchases/Tokens & More!) – Check Discord Seasons Channel for Details!
Reborn RPG – Minecraft Campaign & Factions Themed Server – Inspired by the Universe of MC Legends/MC Dungeons, and Games Like Skyrim, HermiCraft, WoWCraft, RuneScape, Dark Souls & Many Other Survival RPG Games

Bringing the Elements and Nostalgia of Epic RPG Games, Directly to Your Screen! Featuring a Custom Minecraft Story Mode Campaign that Explores the Vast Minecraft Universe and Beyond!

Embark on Exciting Quests for Rewards/Payments, Participate in Events/Contests, and Win Real Money or Gift-Cards at the End of Faction Seasons! Help Build Towns/Kingdoms and Defend Against or Aid in A.I and Player Sieges

Craft, Collect, and Showcase Awesome Custom 3D Armor Models/Weapons. (You Can Even Code Your Own!)

Battle with Numerous Unique Pets, Encounter 100+ Custom Entities and 50+ Bosses.
 There’s So Much to Explore in this Server What are you waiting for..!? Make It Your New Home

JoinOur Journey and Become a Part of a Friendly Community! <- Discord Invite!

Same Builds, New World, Fresh Adventures, Many More Kingdoms to Conquer and Loot!

Enhancing Origins and Functions to Deliver a Smooth Experience with 20+ Players Onboard

Join Now to Participate in Our Next Event! 

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10