If you are the owner of the server, you can contact us at qwejerrywolf@gmail.com.

You can also join our server’s Telegram group here.

We strictly prohibit looting and stealing on our server. We have implemented a behavior log plugin and can easily identify and ban those who don’t follow the rules.

Our server runs on official Minecraft Java software, allowing you to unleash your creativity just like in the original game!


Our server is powered by a high-performance 5.0GHz Intel CPU i7-10700K to ensure optimal performance. We use the Vanilla Minecraft Java server with Geyser, which enables Bedrock players to join as well. We always update our server to the latest Minecraft version.

If you enjoy survival gameplay, our server is the perfect place to meet like-minded players, make new friends, and have an amazing online gaming experience!

Please note that our server’s domain has been changed and does not support AAAA or IPv6 connections, as they may cause unexpected issues for foreign connections.

Supported Minecraft versions: 1.20.10, 1.20.1, 1.20.0, 1.19.80