Welcome to the TraizelCraft Network!




We are a project that has been running for over 11 years, starting on the Xbox 360! Our server is now CrossPlay and CrossVersion, allowing you to play on both Bedrock and Java editions, and choose any version from 1.9 to the latest. We offer three servers: RPG Survival, Factions, and Mini Games.


These are some of our main features:



Our RPG Survival server provides a vast open world to explore, complete quests, find secrets and Easter eggs, and defeat powerful enemies. As you level up, you’ll unlock new areas, gear, and discover more secrets. Join a Guild and become a legend!



The RPG Survival maps feature custom terrain, custom mobs, and custom drops. You can also explore Nether and End Survival maps to gather dimensional resources and gather certain resources in different zones.



On all our servers, we offer a wide range of parkour challenges, from easy mode for beginners to expert mode for parkour masters. Completing parkour courses rewards you with money, XP, or class levels.



In our RPG Survival server, you’ll encounter challenging dungeons with different objectives. Level up your Dungeon Rank to unlock even harder dungeons with greater rewards. Take on big bosses in the special Incursion dungeons!



Experience a complex RPG and Character Leveling system on our RPG Survival server. Choose a class, level up your character, and unlock new skills and abilities. With 5 unique classes and a variety of custom gear and weapons, there’s a lot to discover!


We have a wide variety of custom loot and mobs across all our servers. With over 10 different mob factions/species and more than 400 types of mobs, the challenge increases as you venture further from spawn. Collect better loot and face tougher enemies!



Our RPG Survival server features an extremely complex RNG loot system inspired by games like Destiny. With over 300 unique weapons and 50 sets of armor, the grind for the best gear never ends. Discover powerful items and maybe even find a God Roll!



We have integrated our Discord Chat with our In-Game Chat, allowing you to communicate with players whether you’re in the game or on Discord. Show off your items and inventory using a chat item plugin. Join our Discord at discord.TraizelCraft.net!



Our newest addition is the Factions Server. Join or create a faction, participate in hourly events, and compete against other factions to reach the top of the seasonal leaderboards.



We also have a Mini Games Server where you can enjoy various games with your friends, including Sky Wars and Mob Arena. Earn Elite Shards to use on other servers!



We offer a wide range of cosmetics across all our servers, which are shared between them. You can purchase these cosmetics from our store or earn coins by being active and voting daily.


In addition to all of this, we also have:

  • Mazes (RPG ONLY)
  • Tutorials
  • Over 700 Quests
  • Minions and Automated Farms (Factions ONLY)
  • Hourly Server Events
  • Casual and Competitive PvP Arenas
  • RTP System
  • Gambling Games
  • Auction House and Lottery
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards
  • Discord Events organized by Traizel and other Collaborators
  • A supportive community that has been growing for more than 5 years
  • Over 11 years of expertise, excellence, and background

In the future, we have plans to include:

  • A complete Story Campaign-Coming soon to the RPG!
  • More game modes, mechanics, and servers!

Join the community! Discord- discord.TraizelCraft.net

Current Server Version:

Discover TraizelCraft: an extensive Network with an RPG Survival Server, a Factions Server, and a Mini Games Server. We provide Crossplay and CrossVersion compatibility so you can play from almost any device or version, including Bedrock! We are an 11+ year endeavor that originated on the Xbox 360! You will find plenty to engage in here! Join us today!

Discord- discord.TraizelCraft.net

TraizelCraft Update

  • General fixes and enhancements
  • [RPG] Adjusted armor scaling, your armor will update next time you log in
  • [RPG] Increased end timer on Dungeons from 5 seconds to 10 seconds to allow players to collect all items before teleporting
  • [RPG] Added Foxes to the RPG Pets shop
  • [RPG] Significantly increased the chances of finding Mjolnir in chests in Ironland, Wasteland, and Oasis. This should greatly assist with the Loki’s Scepter quest
  • [RPG] Deprecated ornaments. Balancing reasons required the removal of the only ornament, the “Book of Strength”
  • [RPG and Factions] Added bedrock forms for easy access to bedrock players
  • [RPG and Factions] Fixed bug where quest menus would not open correctly
  • [RPG] Removed Netherite from some quests as it is impossible to craft in the RPG
  • Find a complete list of our updates and changes on our Discord! Discord.TraizelCraft.net

Minecraft versions: RTX Beta, 1.9, 1.20.12, 1.20.0, 1.19, 1.18, 1.17, 1.16, 1.15 (beta), 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10

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