Experience the ultimate adventure on our server where you can capture, train, and battle Pokémon while surviving in the untamed wilderness. Build your own home, explore new worlds, and participate in special events, minigames, shops, and teams. Join us for a fantastic Pokémon-filled experience!

Here are our rules:

1. Show respect to one another.

2. Absolutely no griefing allowed.

3. Be kind and understanding.

Check out some images of our exciting gameplay below:


Serp Pokedrock is a unique game mode that combines the wonder of Pokémon with the world of Minecraft. As you explore, you’ll encounter and collect various Pokémon species. What sets us apart is that you’ll have the chance to play alongside your friends, elevating your Pokémon experience to new heights.

We have addressed performance issues, ensuring smoother gameplay.

We have also fixed the connection between Discord and our in-game chat system.

While proximity chat has been added, it is currently disabled.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10