Why should you join this server? Well, let me tell you:

This server is not pay-to-win! ☜

 We have an Economy System and Shop system, including Baltop and more! ☜

You can set your home with an item or command! ☜

Teleport to players with Tpa! ☜

Exciting LootCrates! ☜

Dynamap support with claim protection! ☜

Faction plugins and Claim system! ☜

Custom biomes like volcanoes and Copper village! ☜

Modded items for added fun! ☜

No server resets! ☜

Simple and easy-to-understand gameplay! ☜

Frequent updates to keep things fresh! ☜

Supports Xbox Controller (with compass)! ☜

Legendary and basic crates! ☜

Various ranks including VIP! ☜

Crossplay between Java and Bedrock players! ☜

24/7 support available! ☜

Proximity Chat system (use ! to shout in the chat)! ☜

Bounties and bounty hunters! ☜

Support for the 1.18 update with caves and cliffs! ☜

Active administration for a smooth experience! ☜

Join our Discord community for even more fun! ☜ 

And much, much more!






We have a wide range of plugins to protect your base from other players:

Complex Turret: Turrets are compatible with factions

Complex turret is compatible with factions. You can customize it!



Need something fast in your base? Take this!


We have a CASINO in our server with lots of games for fun:

You can win big prizes!


We have levelMobs for a custom vanilla experience:



We have an Upgrade hopper system. With this, it’s possible to create the BIGGEST farm!


There are many farm options with Better Farm. You can upgrade and customize

Try to

We have a Minigame System for entertainment and fun with friends or the community.


Recently, we introduced a new feature on our server: Quests. These quests offer various rewards and add excitement to the gameplay.


We have also made significant improvements to our faction system. It is now more advanced and better than ever.



You can now upgrade your faction to enhance your abilities and become a stronger player.

We have also implemented a GUI for teleporting to your home in the Mystic world.

A few days ago, we added a new feature called the Camera, which helps protect your claims and bases.


We have also introduced a seasonal system in Mystic, with different seasons like Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring






 NEW >

We added a new Dispenser mechanic that allows you to mine blocks in front of it by placing a pickaxe inside!

We have also implemented a new report system for players to report cheating or bugs.

We have added a 3D crafting table for a more immersive crafting experience:

*3D crafting table

We also introduced a trade system where players can engage in trading with each other.

And we have plans to add a new shop system for players in the future.




In general, here are the rules and information:


✔️ Rank System: Moderator, VIP, and more
✔️ Economy system with baltop balance, etc.
✔️ 24×7 Server
✔️ No Lag
✔️ Server in North America
✔️ Survival and Competition
✔️ No build limit
✔️ No racism
✔️ No Whitelist
✔️ 100 player slots (potentially more in the future)
✔️ Play as Survival: claim land and destroy others’ bases
✔️ Play as a Faction and team up
✔️ Special VIP crate
✔️ Build and protect your home base
✔️ Arena for duels
✔️ And much more
✔️ Griefing allowed
✔️ Stealing allowed
✔️ TNT explosion allowed
✔️ Fire can spread
✔️ Proximity Chat
❌ Offensive language not allowed
✔️ Mob Griefing allowed
❌ Spamming not allowed
❌ Duplication not allowed
❌ Insults not allowed
❌ Modifying the launcher of Mystic not allowed

❌ Modifying clicking and using autoclick, macros, or debounce clicking
❌ Selling items with real money
❌ Exploiting glitches to disrupt the economy
❌ Exploiting unanticipated bugs
❌ Using toolbox or hack clients (ban appeals available)
✔️ Fighting other players without permission

❌ No cheating or using advantages like invisible texture packs

❌ No insults or bad language in chat

❌ Claiming the spawn or safe zone area with exploits is forbidden

❌ No spawn killing at the exit of the spawn area

❌ No claiming at the exit of the spawn area

❌ No spamming in chat

❌ No exploiting to gain advantages

❌ No item duplication through cheats or other means

❌ No turrets at the exit of the spawn area

❌ No lag machines

❌ No spam joining and quitting



Join our Discord for special integration and more:



Check out the Dynamap here

Join our Discord here


There’s more and more to discover!


For everyone who joins in the next 2 weeks, you will receive $1000 in-game as a birthday gift from Mystic!

Don’t wait, start your adventure now! ≪


If you need information on how to play a PVP faction survival, this beginner’s guide is for you!


If you have any problems or encounter bugs, please report them on our Discord before leaving a negative rating.


Welcome to Mystic Craft Faction OP! Explore the world of Mystic, a PvP Faction Survival server with RPG-like skill aspects. This small, friendly community allows you to create and defend your base, decorate it, and become stronger by defeating mobs and other players. Crossplay with Java players is also supported. Join us and embark on your thrilling adventure now!





           MYSTIC CRAFT


&<p>▬▬▬▬ FIX/NEWS ▬▬▬▬<br /><strong>We have made a major change and reset to our skill system.</strong><mark class="marker-yellow"><strong> This is the most significant change we have ever made.</strong></mark><strong> To celebrate, everyone will receive a x2 boost for the next 2 days.</strong> Since skills have been reset, your netherite items will not be available. However, you will be able to retrieve them if you accidentally use them. We believe that this update will greatly impact the future of our server in a positive way.<br /><br />&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Minecraft versions:</strong> 1.19.60, 1.19.50, 1.19.40, 1.19.30, 1.19.20, 1.19.10, 1.19, 1.18.30, 1.18.20, 1.18.10, 1.18</p><p><strong>Video links:</strong>