HuarizoLand is a top-notch server that caters to survival and factions players.

Players have the opportunity to claim daily rewards based on the day of the week using commands like /daily or /gifts. There are also challenging bosses like the warden and hoglin. Additionally, you can repair your items using money and server experience through the /fix or /rp command. The server features elevators similar to the ones in Minecraft Java, adding to the immersive gameplay. Take advantage of the daily rewards by joining now. You can access the world menu using the /menu command and find helpful information with the /wiki or /info command. Here is a list of available commands: /menu /hub /lobby /sethome /home /warp /ah /repair /enchant /eshop /daily /gifts /shop /f help /f claim /f sethome /f promote /cape /size /cape /vip /report /kit /lay /sit

What sets HuarizoLand apart from other Bedrock servers?

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The server boasts active developers who regularly address exploits and bugs. Custom plugins enhance the gameplay experience, while reliable hardware ensures smooth performance. With a dedicated moderation team fluent in Spanish and English, you can expect a friendly and supportive community. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join!

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HuarizoLand is a clan server where players can engage in intense clan battles to claim the top spot. Raid rival clans, defeat enemies, and conquer their land. The server offers various commands in both Spanish and English.

Updates include bug fixes and the addition of new moderators. Take advantage of the daily gifts and the new command /ah. A new raiding method between clans has been introduced, along with the /tienda and /reward commands. Get ready to face new challenging bosses. The server is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.19 and 1.18.30.

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