Questline is a small and welcoming server that offers an exciting twist to the Minecraft experience. It boasts crossplay between Bedrock and Java editions, gradually increasing difficulty as players progress, and a challenging restriction on setting respawn points. Drawing inspiration from the beta edition of Minecraft, exploration on Questline may be tougher but the rewards are truly worth it. With custom terrains for the initial 3,000 blocks, stunning Terralith landscapes, an epic Insindium Nether, and a gorgeous Nullscape End, players are in for a visual treat.

Griefing is handled in a unique way on Questline, promoting an authentic and organic SMP (Survival Multiplayer) experience. The server also features an economy system, a comprehensive map overview, and a dedicated team, all aimed at fostering a kind and supportive community across the server and website. In particular, the server strives to create an LGBTQ+ friendly environment, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and accepted. Questline may be a small SMP, but it has a big heart.

This LGBTQ+ supportive server offers a one-of-a-kind challenge accompanied by incredible Bedrock/Java plugins that guarantee an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Gysermc, players can seamlessly play with their friends on the Java edition.

Minecraft versions: 1.20.10