Welcome to Origin City!

Origin City is a Bedrock Edition server that was launched on February 6, 2022. Even though it’s still relatively new, we plan to keep it open for at least 8 years!

At Origin City, we highly value the incredible creations made by our players. The central construction area in the overworld will never be reset, so your builds will always be preserved. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn Official Achievements here!

Our server provides a massive permanent construction area measuring 8192×8192, giving you complete freedom to unleash your creativity and construct impressive structures with confidence.

While the server has been active for half a year, our discord server is still a work in progress. We welcome players to join the game or even become part of the management team to help us improve and enhance the server.

Join our Discord Server to be added to the white-list and embark on your Origin City adventure!


Economy: Diamond Currency + Digital Currency System

In Origin City, diamonds are the main form of currency. However, we also have a digital currency system similar to Bitcoin. This system allows you to buy and sell digital coins!





Discord Server

QQ Group: 671868088


The Origin City server strictly follows the rules of PURE Survival mode, meaning there are no teleport commands available. The server features an extensive square area with the world coordinate origin as its center, spanning 8192 blocks on each side. This area is known as Origin City.

The server IP and proxy settings have been updated.

Minecraft versions: 1.19

Video links:

https://www.youtube.com/embed/8GU36NVY6Ak, https://youtu.be/OoK8O3h4w1M