Outercraft Season 2

Please read all posted information before asking how to apply!

  Outercraft is an SMP server for Java and Bedrock editions. It offers custom weapons, armor, items, player shops, community farms, and player-made mini-games. You will spawn safely in the village of Stillwich, which provides essential amenities like shops and beds. The server also has its own economy with Ancient Coins as the currency, which you can collect and use in the shopping district. Remember to hold on to the valuable Ancient Coins you find during your adventures.

  Player builds are protected with the Grief Prevention plugin, allowing you to expand your base as you play more.

To join the server, you need to submit an application, which is open to the public. You can find the application, server rules, and additional information on our Discord server. The Discord server also has a text channel for chatting with other players. You can find a link to our Discord below.


Server Features

Games Island!

(Coming Soon)

  • Participate in Ice Boat Races
  • Engage in PvP Arena battles
  • Play games using Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins Economy

  • Use Ancient Coins to buy from server and player shops
  • Obtain Ancient Coins as drops from monsters
  • Carry and stack Ancient Coins as items or add them to your balance

Socketed Weapon and Armor add-ons

  • Craft a Jeweller’s table
  • Merge jewels into weapons and armor to create powerful variants
  • Swap jewels at the Jewel Trader


A World for the Players

  • Multiple community builds and events are planned
  • Build your own shop in the Shopping District to earn money and buy from other shops
  • Collaborate with the community in the Farming District to create farms
  • Enjoy player-made minigames and time killers in the Games District

Stillwich Village

  • Begin your adventure in the dark and mysterious Stillwich Village
  • Basic shops and amenities are available for new players
  • Take shelter here while you search for a location for your base
  • Access the Nether and other islands instantly

Ender Dragon Loot Drops

(Coming Soon)

  • Chance to obtain Elytra with enchantments
  • Dragon head
  • 5-10+ Ancient Coins
  • 0-18+ Dragon Breath
  • Black Shulker box

Quality of Life Features and Plugins

  • Grief Prevention plugin for protecting player builds
  • World Guard plugin for managing and protecting regions
  • ExxentialsX plugin and modules for economy, chat, admin, and more
  • Vault plugin for managing economy
  • MMOItems for creating custom items
  • Additional plugins to enhance the gameplay experience

We also have a Dynmap for the server!

For more features and information, join our Discord server.

How To Apply

Please read all information before applying.

To apply, join our Discord server, assign yourself a role, and be at least 15 years old. Then, go to the #🌌rules-and-apply channel on Discord. Read ALL the posted information and follow the provided instructions to apply. If you have any questions or concerns, use our #🔧support channel on Discord.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mfqwxDw

Wiki Link: https://outercraft.fandom.com/wiki/Outercraft_Wiki

If needed, use #🔧support on Discord for a link to the rules and application requirements.

We are excited to review your applications and create an amazing world together!

Embark on an adventure in a world where mysteries and horrors lurk in the cosmos. The boundaries between our reality and theirs are under siege from malignant forces of terror. Join Outercraft for a unique SMP experience filled with custom currency, armor, weapons, and a welcoming community. Discover how you can become a part of it all!

  • Updated information reflecting the change from ModMail to Support channel on Discord
  • Added Outercraft Wiki links

Minecraft versions: 1.19.80