These are just a few examples of the countless amazing features on this map! There is so much more to discover that isn’t shown in these images. The creators put in a tremendous amount of effort, using tens of thousands of blocks, to build this beautiful creation. The possibilities are endless! So go ahead and download this incredible maximum-security prison! If you want to see a quick playthrough of this map, click here. Enjoy this masterpiece and have a great time! 


  • Do not disturb or steal from armor stands with heads.
  • Do not use creative mode.
  • Do not cheat in any way.
  • Do not open any prison hoppers unless you are a cop.
  • Do not break any doors that require unlocking. (Except for prison cell doors!)
  • Use levers and buttons only in their designated areas.
  • Do not create towers by stacking blocks.
  • Do not attempt to break into the safe, bank vault, or any other important areas using only your fists.
  • If you come across any redstone, do not interfere with it.
  • Do not engage in spawn-killing.
  • Help ensure that everyone on the server knows how to play.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Download this expansive prison world today! It features a house, a building, a bank, a supermarket, a city hall, a cemetery, and, of course, the prison itself. If you enjoy having plenty of space to explore and potentially build in, you’ll love the extra space this map provides. You can even add your own obstacles and buildings! Play cops and robbers with your friends, and appreciate the over 150 hours of effort that went into creating this map. It’s recommended to watch the tutorial and make a copy of the world after each play session to ensure endless fun!



When you start, choose the role of a Police Officer. Arm yourself with a sword, baton, three Key 1s, and two of each Key 2 and Key 3! Place Key 1 in the hoppers next to the cafeteria and yard. Place Key 2 in the hopper in the armory room. (To reach the armory, go to the shower area located next to the cafeteria, then enter the oak door. There is a button behind the banner.). Place Key 3 in the hopper in the small room by the front prison wall. Once you’ve placed the keys, take one of them back (just one)! Make sure other players don’t cheat. It is recommended to establish a “schedule” for activities in the prison, such as breakfast, shower time, exercise, etc. Please watch the tutorial for a better understanding, and remember to create a backup of the world after every play session to ensure endless fun!



Special thanks to TheSonicMaster for helping to enhance the map and add more detailed features!

We hope you enjoy playing this map! Have a fantastic time!

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  • Fixed the download instructions for this map.
  • Corrected errors in the submission.
  • I am open to suggestions for improving this map! If you have any ideas, please DM Antny Gamer#4548 on Discord!



Minecraft versions: RTX Beta, 1.19, 1.18, 1.17

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