Lever Puzzle

ID: 28451

These are the levels in an amazing puzzle game! Please note the photos go in the order of Level 10->Level 1->Hub
Every room has been meticulously designed to avoid making any room too difficult. You can try to complete this map as quickly as possible! There is also a hidden secret room somewhere… can you find it? Let’s find out!

This map presents challenges and puzzles to flick 2 levers, opening the doors. Various methods have been used to make this map as enjoyable as it can be. It has undergone extensive testing by numerous individuals, including myself, before being submitted to this website! With 10 easy and challenging levels, you are sure to have a great time! Do you have the brainpower and skills to succeed? The reason this map is not too long is because it is specifically designed for speedrunning. In fact, this map was made solely for speedrunning! Race through the levels at high speed to beat your high score! The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you can still speedrun this map! If you enjoy speedrunning this map, share a video of your record on Discord! My username is Antny Gamer#4548! I would love to see your times! Navigate through confusing puzzles and tricky parkour jumps! Anyway, a lot of hard work and meticulous redstone has been put into this map to make it the best it can be. Enjoy!

Click on the green text titled “Lever Puzzle – Download” and you’re good to go! Please refrain from cheating and have fun!

Thank you for checking out this map!


  • Fixed the download text for this map.
  • Updated the submission slightly.

I hope you enjoy this new update!

Minecraft versions: RTX Beta, 1.20.0, 1.19, 1.18, 1.17