So, what does this mod do? It transforms your Minecraft world into a zombie apocalypse.

Let me explain:


What the behavior pack does:

The behavior pack makes changes to the behavior of zombies. Zombies no longer burn in daylight (perfect for a zombie apocalypse), and sometimes they spawn in larger groups.

Modifications to other mobs:

Skeletons, spiders, creepers, and witches no longer spawn because they are not needed for a zombie apocalypse.


Additionally, arrows now deal slightly more damage.


What the resource pack does:

The resource pack changes some textures. Zombies, zombie villagers, husks, and drowneds are retextured to look more realistic and fitting for a zombie apocalypse.

Some items and armor are also retextured:



Chainmail armor: police armor

Gold armor: hazmat suit

Iron armor: military armor

Diamond Armor: special military armor

Netherite Armor: heavy commando military armor



Wooden sword: baseball bat

Stone sword: nailed baseball bat

Gold sword: police stick

Iron sword: knife

Diamond sword: machete

Netherite sword: katana


Iron hoe: iron crowbar

Gold hoe: gold crowbar

Netherite hoe: crowbar


Wooden axe: no changes

Stone axe: little knife

Gold axe: gold bowie knife

Iron axe: fire axe

Diamond axe: cleaver

Netherite axe: chainsaw


Bowl: empty can

Rabbit stew: canned meat

Mushroom stew: canned mushrooms

Bow (new): pistol

Crossbow (new): double barreled shotgun


The behavior pack was based on the default behavior pack. I made some modifications and removed unnecessary elements. The concept was inspired by the crafting dead Addon, but I wanted to create a better version by disabling certain mob spawns and changing more textures, such as armors, netherite, and crossbow.

Hello everyone, this is my first addon, and it’s a zombie apocalypse:

Script (this is fictional!)

TR-Z: Zombie Apocalypse. The TR-Z virus originated from an unknown source and started spreading, infecting more and more people and turning them into flesh-eating zombies.

To use the mod, simply cut or copy the behavior and resource packs into the respective folders, and then activate the packs in the desired Minecraft world.

I’ve also made some adjustments to the addon presentation and provided more detailed descriptions to help people understand what’s included in the addon before testing it.

I’ve changed bows to guns and increased arrow damage.

Minecraft versions: 1.19.60