Skibidi toilet vs Cameraman v1.02

ID: 25086

The hostile mobs in Minecraft known as “skibidi toilets” are hostile and will attack players, cameramen, speakermans, and tvmans. Conversely, the cameramen, speakermans, and tvmans will also attack the skibidi toilets. It is possible for some skibidi toilets, tvmans, cameramen, and speakermans to naturally spawn in your Minecraft world. There are certain restrictions and permissions when it comes to using the skibidi toilet addon. You are not allowed to post it on another website, but you can use it to create maps as long as you give credit to the creator. Additionally, you can use the addon in your own Minecraft world. Skibidi toilets are a type of mob in Minecraft. They have 50 health points and deal 10 points of damage. Police skibidi toilets also exist, with the same health and damage stats as regular skibidi toilets. Another variation is the Steve skibidi toilet, which has 50 health points and deals 10 points of damage. There is also a mutant skibidi toilet with 100 health points and 20 points of damage. A spider skibidi toilet exists as well, with 120 health points and a high damage output of 50 points. An angel skibidi toilet is also part of the addon. It has 100 health points and deals 30 points of damage. Additionally, there is a powerful boss mob called the Hydra toilet, which has 150 health points and deals 50 points of damage. The addon also includes a Triple Giant skibidi toilet with 500 health points and a massive 150 points of damage. The addon also introduces other character mobs such as cameramen, plunger cameramen, speakermans, tvman, and tvwoman. Each of these mobs has different health and damage values. The tvman and tvwoman have 700 health points each and have ranged attacks. The tvman throws arrows at enemies, while the tvwoman throws fireballs. Finally, there is a bonus character called the Purple skibidi, which is a unique type of skibidi toilet with its own abilities and characteristics.

This character has the same damage and hp as a normal skibidi toilet but he looks like a character from the Five Night at Freddy’s saga made by Scott Cawthon. This toilet is really strange…


Destroyed camera:

This item is dropped by the cameramen and can be used to befriend a normal skibidi toilet, so that the skibidi toilet will no longer attack you.

Destroyed speaker:

This item is dropped by the speakermen.


This item is dropped by the skibidi toilets.

The Plunger:

This item is a weapon that doesn’t deal much damage at the moment. It will be updated in future updates. You can craft it if you have 4 red wools and one stick.

This addon adds characters from the skibidi toilet series on YouTube created by Dafuq!?Boom!. The characters that are added include skibidi toilet, police skibidi toilet, steve skibidi toilet, mutant skibidi toilet, spider skibidi toilet, angel skibidi toilet, hydra toilet, triple giant skibidi toilet, cameraman, plunger cameraman, speakerman, tvman, tvwoman, and purple skibidi.

More characters will be added in future updates.



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These characters have been remodeled: Skibidi Toilet, Hydra Skibidi Toilet, Angel Skibidi Toilet
The names of these characters have been changed: 4 Head Skibidi Toilet -> Hydra Toilet / Radioman -> Speakerman
These characters have been added: Plunger Cameraman, Tvman, Tvwoman, Mutant Skibidi Toilet, Police Skibidi Toilet, Triple giant skibidi toilet, Purple Skibidi
These items have been added: toilet, destroyed camera, destroyed speaker, The Plunger

More characters will come in the next update…

Minecraft versions: 1.19.80, 1.19.70, 1.19.60, 1.19.50