A sequal to a very unannounced world that got popular just hours after its release. This time though, things are different, more cameras, more animatronics, and more screaming robots, this is going to be one fun time.

credits to: 

  • Scott Cawthon-creator of the FNaF franchise
  • Dany Fox -the maker of this awsome texture pack
  • Adam Taylors – the maker of the animatronic models and behavior

both addon links are right there (im also making a version of this without the texture pack for those who dont want it on).

This is kids cove! This area is where mangle will start at and is very far way from the office.

This is the main room where ballon boy, toy freddy, toy bonnie, toy chica, and the puppet all start at.

This is the parts and service room where all the old and withered animatronics will start at. Be careful though, as this place is right down the hallway to your office. There is also a light switch in here you can use to turn the pizzerias lights on and off.

This is one of the 4 party rooms, this one here is party room 1. This party room and party room 2 both have vents that the animatronics will climb through to get to your office.

This is the main office where you can use cameras, shut the hallway and vents (please note that due to there being no mask feature i had to substitute the mask for doors), and wind the music box.

Information about alpha:

For anyone using version 1.0; there are a few things to note. This map only has working doors for right now. There are no nights, cameras, animatronics, or main hubs.

My to-do list:

  • nights 1-6
  • a custom night 7
  • main hub
  • cameras
  • animatronics
  • adventure mod instead of creative mode


1. Fnaf-2-alpha-v1