GM Daewoo Tosca / Chevrolet Epica Addon

ID: 18857

This add-on adds a very nice looking car to your Minecraft world. Download this add-on today to add a brand-new car to Minecraft now!

The addon was made by iMasterProX.

Making of…

1.2 Update : What’s new? ( How to use.. )


• You can spawn a car with creative mode.

• Also, You can riding that when you start.

• Equip the key(saddle) in the car

• Car Inventory available when you put the chest on.

• Car has a alaways-on headlight when you start up.

• Support spawn, ride, trunk, Streeing wheel, Car turn animations.

• Up to 4 people.

• 5 color + Epica Edition + Support for Traffic Left.

• summon : car:tosca_gb, car:tosca_gw, car:tosca_ps, car:tosca_sdg, car:tosca_wp, car:epica, car:epica_tl

• Support for English, Russian, Portuguese and Korean


• Tame the car using ink sac

• Put a chest on the trunk

• Equip the key(saddle) in the car


With Members of Umagong, Map by dbasb12


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