Any Undertale fans? Yeah I see you. I’m sure you’ve been looking for some kind of Undertale addon! Which is why I bring to you a addon that adds new items for that roleplay you’ve been waiting for! Some if it is even Craftable in survival!

The items that are craftable in survival are:

Stick – A standard weapon that can be crafted quickly. It deals 2 damage and has low durabillity. It can be crafed with wheat seeds and a regular stick

Dagger – A great weapon for battle, dealing 9 damage, granting speed, and 4 times the durabillity of the stick!

Items that arent craftable:

FIGHT – A balanced weapon, giving the user strength 2, absorption 3, and hunger 2, combined with the fact it does 8 damage with no effects, makes it great in the wrong hands. It cant be broken.

ACT – way less riskier than fight, as it does 1 damage, but gives the effects fire resistance, resistance 2, water breathing, village hero, and night vision. It also cant be broken.

ITEM – a risky, but great way to heal up during battle! Giving regeneration 2, saturation 2, but also blindness. Deals 1 damage. Cant be broken.

MERCY – this item is great for getting out of situations! It cant deal any damage, so all its good for is its effects. Jump boost 2, slow falling 3, and speed 4. It cant be broken at all.

SAVE – Save is the strongest, yet worst of all the uncraftable items. It does no damage, but grants fire resistance, hunger 1k, poison 10, resistance 1k, water breathing, and night vision. Its great as a last resort, but bad as a start. It cannot be broken.

There is also a Roleplay edition of my addon, in case you don’t want any annoying affects.


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