Ore Enderman Add-on

ID: 18867

With this add-on we add new types of endermen to Minecraft, with which we can release new ender pearls and with it we can burn it in the furnace and obtain minerals.

The endermen have the same characteristics as a common enderman, only unlike the enderman they will release an ender pearl of a specific hour. At the moment there are only 10 different types of endermen.

Ore Enderman:

The ore enderman will appear anywhere in the world, in the nether and in the end.

Enderman Diamond Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Diamond Pearl

Enderman Redstone Ore:

  • Loot: 4 – 8 Redstone Pearl.

Enderman Emerald Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Emerald Pearl

Enderman Gold Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Gold Pearl

Enderman Iron Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Iron Pearl

Enderman Lapis Lazuli Ore:

  • Loot: 4 – 8 Lapis Lazuli Pearl

Enderman Coal Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Coal Pearl

Nether Ore Enderman:

The Nether Ore Enderman will only appear on the nether.

Enderman Quartz Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Quartz Pearl

Enderman Netherite (Only works if you have Minecraft version +1.16.):

  • Loot: 1 – 2 Netherite Pearl

Enderman Nether Gold Ore:

  • Loot: 1 – 3 Gold Pearl

When we get an ore pearl we can cook it in the furnace so we get an ore.


1. Ores-enderman-texturepack-v2