H2V Future Titan!

ID: 20508

Well, after Ashes Skeleton Titan, H2V team made another cool titan addon: H2V Future Titan!

(Welp, this introduction is simple, but I am sure you are going to love this addon!)

Before reading, I have to tell you something

First, turn both behavior pack and resource pack’s setting into ‘内测国际版调试模式’.

Second, fuck you Master Minecraft

This thief’s channel, be sure to dislike all of his videos.

Now, let’s start!

This addon brings you some titans, some normal monsters and some technology for human.


Alpha Zombie

A buffed zombie, it will try its best to KILL you. Future Zombie Titan’s minion.


Damage: 20

Buffed Zombie Piglin

It is smillar to Zombie Piglin, but it is much more powerful than a normal piglin. It can be spawned by Zombie Piglin Giant.



Magic Spider

A spider which is a bit strange. It is beautiful but FATAL, better run away if you see it.



Human Technology

(They are all friendly, so please don’t hit them like an idiot, OK?)

Wither Turret

A powerful turrent, it will protect you… and attack all hostile mobs.

Crystal Turret

A powerful and beautiful turrent, it can glow in the dark.

And sure, it will attack all hostile mobs.

Crystal Tower

A tower for protecting, it can make a big enchantment.

This enchantment will be able to heal you and damage all hostile mobs


Yes, that’s the most important part of this addon.

(Although these monsters are all killable, they are still only used for mob battles, don’t try to get close to them.)

(Also, they are hostile to everything)

Future Zombie Titan

The Alpha Zombie’s king, it has a modern armor.

It is able to change your gamemode and punch you with lightning.

Damage: Infinty

Giant Zombie Piglin

The leader of buffed piglins. It is a proud fighter, it will destory everything with its shinning golden axe.

Damage: Infinity

Magic Spider Titan


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