This world is cruel , you must fight those monsters to survive.

This addon brings you the cool weapons in the famous anime: Attack On Titan. If you are a fan of this anime, then you should try this addon at once!


This addon has 3 weapons, and you can craft them in survive mode. With these powerful weapons, you will survive in this world more easily!

3D Maneuver Gear

It is the most classic weapon in the anime “Attack On Titan”. With this weapon, you can fly and use the knives to kill your enemy!

To use 3D Maneuver Gear, active it with gas bar first!

You can sneak to attack.

And long press on the screen (On pc, right click) to shot hooks and fly freely. If u are still confused, you can watch this video.

千本繁花 use Maneuver 3D gear

Anti-Personnel Gear

In “Attack On Titan”, it is Levi’s uncle Kenny and his teammates’ weapon. It is a special kind of 3D Maneuver, with two shotguns!

To use Anti-Personnel Gear, active it with gas bar first!

Long press to fly, you will fly to where you are looking at.

Sneak to use shotguns. 

Thunder Spear

It is a spear-like weapon that explodes. It is so powerful that it can kill a player in one shot!

Long press the screen (On PC, right click) to use the weapon. This weapon is not very accurate so you’d better use it carefully! After hitting its target, it will explode in 4 seconds.

How to craft them?

Well, actually you can craft these 3 weapons with Weapon Crafting Table, Ice Energy Rock Furnace and Ice Energy Rock/Black Iron Bamboo crafting table.

Among these 3 tables, the most important one is Weapon Crafting Table.

How to craft Weapon Crafting Table?

You can craft the Weapon Crafting Table with crafting table. Then you must craft Ice Energy Rock/Black Iron Bamboo crafting table in order to get Black Iron Bamboo and Ice Energy Rock to craft the materials for 3D gears and the ammo of the shotguns.

After getting all the materials with Weapon Crafting Table, you can craft the 3D gears in crafting table.

Long press the screen (On PC, right click) to put on the gears and get the knives/shotguns.

If you get enough Black Iron Bamboo and Ice Energy Rock, you can craft Ice Energy Rock Furnace in order to craft thunder spear. You can craft this special Furnace with Weapon Crafting Table.


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