The second car pack/collection to my JDM car series. Adds up to 15 cars (13 cars with 2 custom versions) that I have made so far from the start of 2021 until now (September 12th)! All your favorite JDM cars (that I’ve made anyways), all in one pack – and updated with more immersive sounds! Ery noice.

• About addon / Addon information

If you thought this was just a mere collection of the cars I’ve made, you’re absolutely wrong. Unlike in the individual car projects/addons that I’ve posted, players can now color the cars according to their preference (like in the original JDM Legacy). More information on this will be explained below.

Aside that, all the cars now have better sound effects such as custom hit sound effects, open/close doors/popup headlights sound effects and startup sound effects. This time, without the need of Minecraft’s Experimental Features (great for people like me who are homo-experimental mode).

In a nutshell:

• This addon adds 15 cars (13 cars with 2 custom versions), each of which have it’s own set of colors and liveries.
• Can be coloured according to the player’s preference using a custom item available in the pack (PaintMatic)
• All the cars now have up-to-date sound effects (list of sound effects can be found below) without the use of Experimental Mode.
• All the cars have openable/closeable doors
• Most cars have openable/closeable hoods (for cars with engine bays only)
• Popup headlights can be toggled on and off (for cars with popups only, duh.)

• The cars

Below are the cars available in the collection according to their brands. The colours available for a car are mentioned below it’s name which can be used as reference to what colours a car can be coloured to using the PaintMatic items.


Has 2 colours: Black, Silver

The items that can be used:
PaintMatic: Black
PaintMatic: Silver

More information on how to colour the cars and the list of PaintMatic colours can be found below in this article.

Note: Due to there being a butt ton of colour options for the cars, I didn’t include pictures of every single colour option for the cars. You can refer what the colours look like from my previous individual car project posts by going to the link below:

1) Nissan

a) i) Nissan Skyline R30

   Has 4 colors; Gray, White, Red, #11 Super Silhouette Livery

   ii) Nissan Skyline R30 – Police Interceptor

   Has 1 color only:

b) Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

   Has 6 colors; Blue, Black, White, Red, Paul Walker’s R34 Livery, GT4 Pace Car

2) Datsun

a) Datsun 240z

   Has 5 colors; Blue, White, Yellow, Green, 73′ Safari Rally Livery

3) Toyota

a) i) Toyota AE86 Trueno (Hatchback)

   Has 4 colors; Black, White, Two-tone White/Gray (Panda white), Fujiwara Tofu Shop Decal

   ii) Toyota AE86 Trueno (Coupe)

   Has 3 colors; Silver, Two-tone White/Gray (Panda white), Red

Popups on (for AE86 Coupe – Silver):

b) i) Toyota Celica ST204

   Has 5 colors; Black, Cyan, White, Red, Maroon

    ii) Toyota Celica ST205

   Has 4 colors; Silver, White, Red, Toyota-Castrol Livery

4) Honda

a) i) Honda NSX-R Na1

    Has 4 colors; Black, Silver, White, Red

   ii) Honda NSX-R Na1 (ashminggu Special)

Has 1 color only (basically a slightly wider NSX)

Popups on (for NSX – ashminggu Special):

b) Honda Integra DC2

    Has 4 colors; White Stock, White, Yellow, Red

c) Honda Civic EK9

    Has 4 colors; White Stock, White, Yellow, Red

5) Eunos/Mazda

a) Eunos Roadster / Mazda Miata NA

   Has 5 colors; Black, White, Red, Mazda Rally Livery, Martini Livery

Popups on (for Eunos Roadster – Black):

b) Mazda 929/Luce HC

   Has 5 colors; Black, White, Two-tone White/Gray, Silver, Maroon

6) Subaru

a) Subaru 22B STi

   Has 6 colors; Black, White, Cyan, Blue, Red, Subaru WRC Livery

• Extra images

a) The 2 exclusive special editions in this pack:

b) Examples of engine bays/hood open (Left: Dastun 240z Right: Celica T205)


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