Mod Art Nouveau Furniture

ID: 22394

If you are looking for modern furniture for your home, then download a mod called Modern Furniture for Minecraft for Android. Thanks to this modification, a great quality of beautiful block furniture will appear in the game, which will make your home more modern and comfortable. At your disposal will be both kitchen furniture and furniture for rooms.

Each of you will now be able to build your dream home and furnish it with the most modern and high-quality furniture.

How to get the?
To get any furniture from this modification, you need gold. To change the material of the furniture, just tap on its icon in the crafting window.

  • Furniture list:
  • Frame bed [2 colors]
  • Bed [3 colors]
  • Bedside table [oak, birch, spruce]
  • Chtul [oak, birch]
  • Coffee table [oak, birch, spruce
  • Rack [with cabinets]
  • Desk
  • Table lamp [lit]
  • Drainer
  • Notebook
  • Sink
  • Sofa [left, middle and right]
  • Kitchen stove
  • Table [oak and birch]
  • Cupboard


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