LandMark Kit PVP

ID: 505

Welcome to the LandMark Experience

LandMark is a dedicated realm that specializes in creating world maps and mini games such as Prisons, Factions, Kit/Pot PVP, Bedwars, And many more! And today I present to you.LandMark Kit PVP 

Kit PVP specializes mainly in PVP (Player vs Player). All players automatically get a pre-set kit to fight against each other, earning kills and/or reputation. LandMark Kit PVP delivers just that! This world is a fun, yet competitive gameplay experience. Considered to be one of the best Kit PVP worlds ever created based on fan reviews!  

All rights reserved to the Backmasking33 as I am the owner and creator of landmark and all landmark maps, do not redistribute or claim as your own, appropriate actions will be effective if rights are violated! 

You Will Spawn In A No PVP Area Where You Will Automatically Get Your Kit, (Note All Players Will Get Kit Automatically), There are three options to choose from, you will have 1v1, spectate, and Kit, Select any of which applies to your needs, There is an open area where you can jump down into an arena that is the PVP zone!, the goal is to accumulate kills as the kills are kept track by a Kill Counter go back to spawn you have to die, so stay in the arena as long as you can and gather those kills!


  • Auto Kit System
  • One vs One System
  • Spectator Mode
  • Kill Counter System
  • Kill Streak System
  • Level System
  • Player Counter


1. L7LandMark-Kit-PVP