Lucky Blocks Mod

ID: 21966

After installing the Lucky Block mod on your Minecraft PE, the creature of the same name will appear in the game. Killing him will trigger some kind of random action: from the appearance of a huge amount of loot to the spawning of an aggressive-minded creeper.

Lucky block mcpe 1

How it works?
To summon Lucky Block, use the spawn egg or the Minecraft PE console command.
In order for the chest to show its contents, you need to hit it.

Lucky block mcpe 2


  • Added spawn egg
  • Many languages ​​have appeared (there may be more in the future)
Lucky block mcpe 3

Future opportunities:

  • The appearance of a new texture for the spawn egg
  • Natural spawn of these creatures in the MCPE world
  • Custom voice acting
  • Chests of different difficulty levels
Lucky block mcpe 4


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