Minecraft VS Zombies

ID: 19501

Mincraft Vs Zombies is a map where you create a defence to kill the zombies. The map has 16 towers/powerups and it has 20 waves. Each wave is 20 seconds long so it takes five minutes to complete but it might take much longer if you fail. This map can also be played with other people. It is created by Ajdiaz9955 who is a 16 year old and Awsomeajdiaz who is a 11 year old.  Be aware that this map is completed and won’t receive any more updates.

Have you ever wanted to play games like Plants vs Zombies but in mincraft? This map is for you. The map has three modes, easy/tutorial, hard, and sandbox mode. Easy mode start you off with 60 dollars while hard mode starts you off with 20 dollars. In sandbox mode you get infinite money and you can spawn any of the waves you want at any time. If you want to play easy or hard mode you should start off with getting a money maker tower and an arrow tower. As the rounds get harder you should buy more powerful towers/powerups to defeat the zombies. Be aware that the zombies can destroy your defences when they get close so be smart when you place your towers. 


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