The C4 Bombs mod for Minecraft PE will add new explosives to the game, which will surpass even several TNT blocks in its power, and thus you can get, as well as enjoy epic explosions, instead of those that come from a standard bomb in the game, no one not surprising.

Explosions of TNT blocks, as it was written above, will surprise no one, so a new addition has appeared on the Internet, with which we are sharing – it will become a replacement for creepers. That is, such a mob as a creeper will no longer be in the game and C4 will come to replace it.

In terms of explosion power, this bomb is much more effective and stronger, in contrast to the same TNT. You can blow up anything: buildings, caves, mobs and the like. By the way, this is a great way to collect the resources you need: plant a bomb in the right place, and then detonate it, then it remains to collect the destroyed blocks – the method is very convenient, practical and saves a lot of time.

The bomb is easy to find, since the C4 Bombs mod for Minecraft PE replaces creepers, and they, as a rule, are not a rare occurrence, but if you want to get a new item quickly, then just activate the creative mode and use the creeper spawn eggs.

The estimated explosion time is 10 seconds – this will be enough for your character to be able to run back to a safe distance. This is very important, otherwise you risk losing part of your life, or even dying, as I repeat, this bomb is much more powerful than TNT.
This is what the bomb looks like:

C4 Bombs mcpe 1

But its explosion is very large in range:

C4 Bombs mcpe 2


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