Mod Plus Explosion

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Plus Explosion is a very interesting mod that will not add new items, blocks, tools and other things, as we used to think and relate to most add-ons. This one is of a completely different character – it will pleasantly surprise you and bring new emotions, sensations from the gameplay, which will seem new to you, compared to the old one, since after installing this mod, explosions in Minecraft PE will become much more epic and also unpredictable. Interesting? Then read on …

There are explosions in our beloved Minecraft PE, for example, take a standard TNT speaker that we can set fire to and detonate, and of course we shouldn’t forget about the creeper – a nasty mob that has already got into the habit of sneaking up and exploding, which many users just hate. But this is not about that, but about what connects them – the explosions, which in “Minecraft PE” are very monotonous, and after several uses, they are no longer of any interest at all, since you get used to it and already become more attentive, ready to respond at any time, and so on.

What if now you do not know what kind of explosion will be? But what if each ripper self-destructs in different ways, then with great force, then with a small explosion? You probably already guessed that after installing the Plus Explosion add-on on the game client, you will not know about the power of the upcoming “boom”! That is, now each explosion will have a different strength, and you will not know about it, because everything will depend on the randomness and then, you need to hope only for luck.

Now, to make it much clearer, let’s look at some examples: in the event of a meeting with a creeper, you run up to him, make a couple of hits and run away, so that he explodes. But now it is very dangerous and can harm your health, since you simply will not know with what force and time the creeper can suicide.

You can look at the screenshot below, which shows the result of the explosion of one of the creepers, impressive, right? The explosion was equal to about a few dozen creepers, which left behind a huge crater several hundred blocks in size around the general perimeter in MCPE.

Plus Explosion mcpe 1
Plus Explosion mcpe 2

And you probably already understand that in this case it is simply unrealistic to survive. But on the other hand, explosions can be quite scanty – then nothing threatens you for sure – this is a roulette wheel, which gives a huge interest to the game process. And by the way, some explosions tend to leave fire behind, which is just as dangerous. If you managed to survive the explosion, then it’s not a fact that you won’t burn out – you should be as careful and attentive as possible.

Exactly the same goes for dynamites, below there is a screenshot showing the explosion and its aftermath. In the first case, the power was colossal, which caused a lot of destruction than in the second, where the explosion was insignificant, and only 4 blocks were damaged.

Plus Explosion mcpe 3
Plus Explosion mcpe 4


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