The Simple Lightsabers mod for Minecraft PE will add 8 lightsabers and mines from the Star Wars universe to the game, as well as several artifacts that will empower you. Now every fan of the Star Wars universe can get a lightsaber and become a real Jedi and take the side of the light, or go over to the side of darkness and become a Sith Lord. Artifacts will also be present in the mod, which will give you the opportunity to interact with force and will allow you to move faster, regenerate and jump high.

Spears and swords will do different amounts of damage, a lightsaber will do 10 damage per hit, and a lightsaber will do slightly more than 12 damage.

To craft all the items from the mod, you will need power energy, which can be obtained by killing mobs, namely zombies and cows. After each killed mob, you will drop 1 unit of force energy.


  • Blue – Damage 10 pts.
  • Green – Damage 10 pts.
  • Red – Damage 10 pts.
  • Purple – Damage 10 pts.
  • Yellow – Damage 10 pts.
  • White – Damage 10 pts.
  • Dark Sword – Damage 15 pts.
  • Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber – Damage 15

Recipes for crafting swords

Mod Lightsabers and Spears [1.14]

Light spears

  • Blue Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Green Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Red Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Purple Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • Yellow Spear – Damage 12 pts.
  • White Spear – Damage 12 pts.

Power items

  • Force Heal – Allows you to heal
  • Force Sprint – Allows you to run fast
  • Force Leap – Grants the ability to jump high

Recipes for crafting mines and power items


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