If you want to get more TNT in Minecraft on Android then download this modification and get a variety of new explosives. Thanks to this modification, you can get very powerful explosives, of different types and with different delay before the explosion. Each type of new explosive will have its own power and appearance, there is a little stronger than conventional TNT, and there are explosives with incredible power.

Cold TNT is a very powerful explosive that has a fairly long delay before detonation and is great for creating traps.

Galactic TNT is the most powerful explosive in this modification, which will leave a huge crater after an explosion.

Burning TNT is the opposite of cold TNT, its main feature is that it has a very small delay before detonation and a rather powerful explosion.

Emerald TNT is also a pretty powerful explosive that is ideal for clearing trees.

Pirate TNT – This explosive is made in the form of a barrel of gunpowder and has the largest repulsion, which will allow you to use it for climbing high mountains.

Pink TNT – This is the best weapon if you want to kill the Reaver. This dynamite can kill the Reaver in just 2 explosions.

Instant TNT – This item will help you detonate all your dynamites at the same time.

Money TNT is a rather unusual exploding block that has very good knockback power and power.


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