he NEW Mutant Creatures mod for Minecraft on Android will add a huge number of different mutants to the game, each of which will have unique abilities. In total, the mod will add 9 new creatures that will have incredible power, this mod will be ideal for those who want to complicate the game for themselves. If you are assembling mods that will complicate the gameplay and make it more interesting, then be sure to download and install the mod for new mutants.

Mutant zombies and cadavers

This is a mutated form of ordinary zombies, which have become much stronger and much more dangerous. Now they will have much more health and do much more damage. If earlier fighting zombies was something mundane, now it may be the last thing you do in the game. In addition to increasing strength and health, they are able to summon terrible minions, which will also attack you.
Health: 130 hearts

Mod New Mutants [1.14]

Creeper mutant

This mutated form has acquired a neck length and 4 long legs, now they look more like terrible spiders. These mutants have increased explosion power, which makes them much more dangerous opponents. Also, if they have a low level of health, they will run away to restore strength and attack you again.
Health: 180 hearts

Skeletons and Zimogor mutant

They became even more dangerous and began to shoot at the same time, which significantly increases the damage done. If you deal enough damage to them, they will start shooting exploding arrows at you with huge damage. It is recommended to stay away from them and use the tactics of the battle at a distance.
Health: 120 hearts

Wither Skeleton Mutant

After the process of mutation, they began to look even more intimidating, mutations gave them more strength, but completely deprived them of their sanity, which makes them very dangerous opponents. These mutants will attack you and everyone who is next to them with their huge sword.
Health: 130 hearts

Zombie pigman mutant

These mutants will not attack you unnecessarily and will simply defend against your attacks. They are also able to summon minions that will inflict additional damage, the main weapon is his golden sword. After killing him, you will receive a lot of gold bars, gold nuggets and rotten flesh.
Health: 120 hearts

Mutant Wolf

This mutant has an increased size and deals more damage, just as after he kills any creature, he will eat everything that falls out of it. The most important feature of this mutant is that it can be tamed and ridden. After taming, you can change its color to whatever you like using paints.
Wild health: 80 hearts
Tamed Health: 130 hearts

Mutated Drowned Man

This mutant will attack you underwater, can swim very quickly and deliver crushing blows. After the attack, it will summon minions, which will also attack you. In battle, he will use a trident, which deals a large amount of damage, both in melee and in ranged combat.
Health: 120 hearts


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