MultiplayerTanks Addon

ID: 20209

This add-on implements two new army tanks to Minecraft which are meant to use for multiplayer gameplay. You can sit down on a tank and drive around, but also shoot rockets at your fellow Minecraft players or hostile mobs you come across in your game. This is really a must download for anyone who want to take PvP to the next level with some real fire power.

Creator: MyoHtetTwitter AccountWebsite

How does it work?

There are two different tanks and each of them can be used in a similar way. Once seated on any of the tanks you’ll be able to control it by moving around normally and by jumping.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the tank and press Ride or Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the tank to ride it

This add-on is perfect for multiplayer as it adds tanks in two complete different colors. It also replaces two items in-game with explosives which you can throw at your enemy, preferably when seated on a tank as it’s meant to simulate the rocket launcher on the tank.

Each tank work a little bit different from the other.

  • BlueTank
    • Advantage: Faster driving
    • Disadvantage: Weaker rocket launcher
  • RedTank
    • Advantage: More powerful rocket launcher
    • Disadvantage: Slower driving

General Tank Features

  • RedTank
    • Replaces Stray
    • Health: 100 full hearts
    • Can jump
    • Fire resistance
    • Heavy tank, slow driving but powerful cannon.
    • RedShells (replaces Ender Pearl) are items which RedTank riders can shoot.
  • BlueTank
    • Replaces Wither Skeleton
    • Health: 100 hearts
    • Can jump
    • Fire resistance
    • BlueTank is a lighter tank, faster driving.
    • BlueShell (replaces Snowballs) are items which BlueTank riders can shoot.