More Structures Addon v1.2 (Naturally Generating)

ID: 21325

This addon adds 14 naturally-generating structures to your Minecraft world, including houses, spawners and more. You can also load them up yourself with a structure block if you don’t want to look for them

Introducing the More Structures Addon. This will allow you to find 14 new naturally-generating structures in your Minecraft world, they are quite rare, but coming across one has its rewards.

v1.2 Update released!

The latest update has dropped, adding six new houses into the addon, all naturally generating. These are all from my Human Addon which I regularly update. Scroll down for pictures of some of the new structures.


These aren’t all the new structures, but just a few of them. Each house spawns a human or two and each come with their own loot.




Here are some pictures of the older structures-



Some of you may just want to spawn the structures yourselves, which you can do by following the steps below-

1. open a world that has experimental gameplay on

2. give yourself a structure block with /give @p structure_block

3. place the structure block and go to the load tab (you must be in creative mode)

4. type the structure you want to load and press load

Here is a list of the added structures so far-

HOUSES- oak_house, birch_house, spruce_house, small_house, oak_house01, oak_house02, spruce_house01, spruce_house02, desert_house01, desert_house02

SPAWNERS- spawner, creeper_spawner

OTHER- tower, desert_dungeon


This is the human, which I borrowed from another addon I created. He can trade and can drop quite a bit of loot if you end up killing him.

These humans were taken out of the earliest version of my Human Addon. Its my biggest addon that I update about every week or two. It includes several professions, taming and better AI. It can also be used simultaneously with the addon as well.

If you would like to use the human addon at the same time as this addon, you will need to put the Human Addon above the More Structures Addon as shown below

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UPDATE- The update requires you to now have a resource pack as well. Download and use both if you would like the full experience. Thanks!


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