This add-on adds the Mutant Zombie Boss which is largely BASED ON the zombie from the PC Mod Mutant Creatures. I would like to, of course, give thanks to thehippomaster21 for the zombie’s inspiration. TURN ON EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY!

The Mutant Zombie is a beefed up version of the normal zombie. He has different types of attacks and is aggressive towards players, villagers, and iron golems.

Mutant Zombie Stats:

150 Health
Melee Attack that does 10-14 damage
Occasionally calls for zombie reinforcements
Spawns rarely in places where normal zombies would spawn
Drops the Hulk Hammer
Can destroy villages and plants (This can be turned off with mob griefing or by downloading the “No Grief” Behaviors)
If he is defeated, he will fall down and there is a 70% of him getting back up (This makes him very difficult to kill)

Warning: Don’t let the Mutant Zombie break into your village! It will make quick work of both the village and its residents


If you do manage to defeat the zombie in combat, he will collapse for around 6 seconds. Then, there is a 70% chance that he will rise again with 40 health. (30% chance that he will dissipate and drop the hulk hammer.)

^Fallen Mutant Zombie

There IS a way to ensure that the zombie stays down when he falls: set him on fire (when he is down). He will then catch on fire and die after a few seconds:

Hulk Hammer:

Defeating the mutant zombie is painstaking, and thus you are awarded with a great weapon: The Hulk Hammer. The Hulk Hammer has 128 uses and does 7 attack damage when used to hit a mob. However, that is not all. By sneaking with the hammer in your hand, you will be able to use a hulk smash attack that will damage and send all of mobs around you flying!

Hammer in hand!


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