Mutant Creeper Addon

ID: 20307

This addon adds a new miniboss to the game known as the mutant creeper. It is basically a much more powerful version of the creeper and it also looks quite a bit different. The mutant creeper walks on four legs and it got a long arching neck. It is hostile towards players and will send outs its explosive and suicidal baby creepers to attack them.

Where do I find the mutant creeper?

There are two ways to spawn the mutant creeper. If you are in survival mode then you need to feed a baby creeper (which replaces normal creepers) some gunpowder.

  • Android / iOS: Hold some gunpowder in your hand and long press on the baby creeper and then press the button which appeared
  • Windows 10: Hold gunpowder in your hand and right-click on the baby creeper

If you are in creative mode then you can use the enderman spawn egg to spawn the mutant creeper.


The mutant creeper is by default hostile and its main attack is its ability to send out creeper minions which are basically small explosive creepers.

It also attacks other mobs such as pigs and chickens.

  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Spawns explosive baby creeper
  • Wither effect
  • Melee damage: 4

Killing the mutant creeper will cause an epic explosion. You probably want to use a bow and arrows to make the final blow.



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