Hello here cristopher, I bring you a new add-on that adds a new mob to your minecraft world.

In this case it would be a monster from slendytubbies 3, a horror game, specifically the tinky tank, a mutation of the teletubi tinky winky.

TINKY WINKY ( Tinky tank )

This new mob appears in the nether it is extremely rare to find, but if you do, the only recommendation I can give you is RUN !.

Here some images:

It does a lot of damage, it also has a lot of life so you will have to be careful and think twice before fighting with it.

Other than that he is immune to flames from being so long in hell

Tinky winky falls once she receives a lot of damage but she will get back up until she is lifeless

When he gets up he will use a great force against the floor which will cause damage around him

Spawn egg

With this spawn_egg you can summon as many tinkys winkys you want.


1. Tinky-textures


2. Tinky-1