New But Bland TNT!

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Well, Using TNT In creative can kinda get boring, So I made even more TNT! Thats only slightly more interesting ‘-‘ …  You get more buffed OG TNT, You get Instant TNT, And Fire TNT

 introduces NEW TNT into the MC bedrock. You now get more buffed versions of the original TNT, Including 2 other new types! 

These TNT’s function slightly differently, here are some differences.


On mobile, Now you must hold on the new TNT’s for it to ignite. Normally you would simply press once on a TNT block and it would ignite

The new TNT’s also cannot be broken as they are technically entities, However, If you break the blocks surrounding it, making it float, It will teleport in a random direction away from where it originally was. This is just in case you accidentally place it in an area you do not want it to be in.

Since the TNT technically isn’t a block, That also means you cannot place blocks specifically on top of the TNT, It must be placed with support from another.

As I mentioned, The new TNT’s are entities. This also means it is found in the spawn eggs section of the creative menu. Sadly it isn’t organised properly.

I couldn’t find a way to make the TNT flash when ignited, So instead it emits small smoke.

Now that all the slight differences are out of the way, I can now showcase ALL the new TNT! 


Lets start with the buffed versions of normal TNT.


TNT X2 (2 times bigger explosion than normal TNT)

TNT X3 (3x bigger explosion than normal TNT)

TNT X4 (4x times bigger explosion than normal TNT)

TNT X5 (5x bigger explosion than normal TNT)

TNT X10 (10 times larger explosion than normal TNT)


Now lets get into the others.


Instant TNT Is a new type of TNT that will instantly explode once ignited. Here are all X(?) Versions:

Instant TNT (Explodes the same radius as normal TNT. Its X(?) signifies how large its explosion is compared to normal TNT.)

Instant TNT X2

Instant TNT X3

Instant TNT X4 

Instant TNT X5

Now for the next new TNT type, FIRE TNT! These function just like normal TNT, But release fire when exploded.

Lets go over them!

Fire TNT (same explosion radius as normal TNT, They also have X(?) Versions.)

Fire TNT X2

Fire TNT X3

Fire TNT X4

Fire TNT X5

Well, Those are all the TNT’s and their capabilities.

This addons code can be reused, But please credit me if you’re going to do so. Hope you enjoy the new TNT!


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