Parachute Addon

ID: 110

Here you go, guys! Introducing the ‘Parachute Addon” ‘! No modloader, no scripts, no command block tricks anymore! Also available in four different colours! 

 Happy Paragliding, YEET! ^>^

What is this?

So, this is basically an add-on which adds parachute in the game (wow parachutes in minecraft yaay! ). I’ve replaced in-game item:’Mob Skulls’ with four different colours of parachutes

 Blue, Red, Orange and Armygreen.

How to obtain this?

Simple as a cookie! Switch to creative mode, then search ‘parachute’ in the inventory and BOOM!….4 brand new parachutes waiting for you 

 How to use this?

Again, simple as a cookie! :v Just equip it on the Head slot while midair or before jumping off a hill. Then you will see the magic of levitation and slow falling! You can also use this on survival mode, but first you need to obtain it from creative mode inventory.