Here you go, guys! Introducing the ‘Parachute Addon” ‘! No modloader, no scripts, no command block tricks anymore! Also available in four different colours! 

 Happy Paragliding, YEET! ^>^

What is this?

So, this is basically an add-on which adds parachute in the game (wow parachutes in minecraft yaay! ). I’ve replaced in-game item:’Mob Skulls’ with four different colours of parachutes

 Blue, Red, Orange and Armygreen.

How to obtain this?

Simple as a cookie! Switch to creative mode, then search ‘parachute’ in the inventory and BOOM!….4 brand new parachutes waiting for you 

 How to use this?

Again, simple as a cookie! :v Just equip it on the Head slot while midair or before jumping off a hill. Then you will see the magic of levitation and slow falling! You can also use this on survival mode, but first you need to obtain it from creative mode inventory.


1. Parachute-Addon