Do you like roblox? do you play piggy? would you like to have all the piggy things in minecraft? Well, this add-on is ideal for you. The substance 128 infection has come to minecraft prepare for it. here you will see the iconic piggy characters like piggy herself, george, robby and many more.

well this add-on in addition to adding the piggy characters also adds some items. then I will show you the enemies.

Each of them have 100 health and deal 5 hearts damage.

They also have a speed similar to that of a zombie except for the grandmother character.

there you can see what part 1 of characters looks like.

Continuing in section 2 we have a character called soldier who has the same damage and speed as the others but is much weaker, this has 20 health and also he have a knife haha.

in section 3 we have ghosty, frostiggy and robby these characters have different habilities for example robby makes more damage, frostiggy give to you slowness and ghosty is transparent and dont make any sound just when kill..

Now section 4 for custom characters.

there is a boss and is giant piggy planned for fights.

and for the last one me. is the same AI from soldier.



Alfis the alligator

He can swim and is more taller

Glitch memory

Is the same memory but different colors

Mr stitchy

he is poweful and he has a lantern also he can be angry so if you see him like this you better run


George piggy

He is just a child, needs an apple for tame

Doggy the police officer

He is your friend dog, needs a bone for tame



This is the car of piggy intercity(in the future will be more colors)


baseball bat and black baseball bat=5 of damage.

ice baseball bat=5.5 of damage.

cutlass=6 of damage.

fencing foil=6 of damage.

combat knife=3.9 of damage.

gas is for the car

magenta feather is for a hat in the future

substance 128 is for infect or drank yourself.



1. Piggy-add-on-update-4