Planet Sync | Beta 2

ID: 635

Hey there!

I welcome you to my creation; Planet Sync. This is a creative type world based off the seed 577830886. It is my main world and I am really excited to share this with you all and I hope you are too. There are 3 different villages, all connected via Sync Nether Travel. There are some exciting and jaw dropping creations but nothing in this world challenges the Sir Manor!

World Seed:

Why Planet Sync?

Planet Sync is a name I came up with to cover the entire world. Planet as the world goes on far, but Sync as everything is “synced” or “connected” together.

Future Plans:

– Modern Mojave and Sila Town Buildings.

– Third village, Kyaka, to be more structured.

Current Cities and Top Spots:


Sir Manor

Droid Hill

Christmas Tree

Sila Town

Sila Stage

Kyaka (MCPE 1.14+)

Kyaka Bee Farm

All of these cities are connected via Sync Nether Travel, no teleporting/coordinates needed!

Best for contacting me.

I’ll post updates on what I’m working on.


Videos of my world are there.


Beta Schedule:

Planet Sync Beta 1 – Released 17Dec Aus Time

Planet Sync Beta 2 – Released 20Dec Aus Time

Planet Sync Stable – January 2020


1. Planet Sync v113