This add-on adds 2 qute little animal on your Minecraft world for now in future more animals added like for now we have beaver and squirrel they’re friendly they won’t hurt anyone

new animal added racoon a little qute creature u can find them in tiaga biome and britch forests racoon hunting chickenu can breed them using Berriessquirells are friendly u can find them everywhere in your Minecraft worldu can leash them u can tame them with Appleu can breed them with golden carrotif u kill them they drop Berrys but DNT kill them please

If you kill them they will drop 5 sticks but don’t kill them!

They are roaming around the river and are very friendly.

You can breed them using carrots like you do with pigs. You can also leash them 😉

They are very friendly and peaceful. Please don’t kill them for just some sticks. Sorry if my English is bad. Use my add-on and please comment how it is. It is my first add-on on this site. More features coming soon, stay tuned.


1. Quteanimals-add-on-1