Many people asked for a separate pack from our map to have only the animals, so here it is!

All of our animals have special animations and geometry. Their breeding method is unique because they got pregnancy or lay eggs, but NEVER simply spawn a baby immediately. Most of them have special behaviors like a sleep routine based on the time of the day. Some also have gender specifications. 

NOTE: We will eventually release additional packs that can be added to this one to update it and get more animals


You may have heard about a map called “Asian Roofs”. We checked a lot the comments left by the people who downloaded it. Some people asked to have access to the animals without having to play in the map.

So here it is! A pack with all of our animals. And you will even have access to more animals in future additional packs. This way, you will not have to redownload this pack everytimes. You just need to add the other packs that interest you and it’s done! 

Every animals have special animations and behaviors. They also all have special breeding method: No babies are spawned immediately, animals become pregnant or lay some eggs. The duration of the gestation/incubation follows a logic too: 20 minutes in real life = 1 year in the game. It is also possible to stop the predation behaviors by turning off the game rule “Natural Regeneration” if you don’t want predators to attack their respective preys. And you might want to know that many animals have gender distinctions.

There is so much more to tell you but it would be very long so try it by yourself. We will also provide more info about each animal very soon on our WEBSITE.

Finally, we offer you a MAP that already contains all of these animals and that also has some exclusive content. 

Hope you enjoy!


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