Cenozoic Reborn is an add on that strives to bring Prehistoric fauna from the Cenozoic Era into your Minecraft world! This add on is currently in BETA. Meaning there is many changes to come.

We apologize for how rushed this add on is, but we hope that you enjoy it nonetheless.




Former Owner Professor Squiggles




Big Thank you to them all for making this possible!

Turn on holiday creator features and additional modding capabilities first before playing.

The Wooly Mammoth is one of the most popular animals to come out of the Cenozoic Era. They are essentially just big fluffy elephants. The Wooly Mammoth has 200 health and it deals 12 damage. It’s Male counter part the bull mammoth has 225 health and 20 damage. The Mammoth move in herds, but the bull mammoth is travels alone in search of a mate. The mammoth drops mammoth fur and mammoth meat upon being killed.

The Wooly Rhino


The Wooly Rhino is an ancestor to today’s many species of Rhinos. The Wooly Rhino can be tamed using wheat and it can also be rideable being a great source for travel. The Wooly Rhino can also break blocks like wood, which is great for harvesting blocks for your needs. The Wooly Rhino has 40 health and it deals 15 damage to the player. The Wooly Rhino drops Rhino Meat upon death.



The Megaloceros otherwise known as the Irish elk is a magnificent animal that wonders the Cenozoic Wilderness, The male Megaloceros and female Megaloceros tend to stay together, although the Female Megaloceros doesn’t fight back if you hit, but the male will. Both Megaloceros have 25 health but the male deals 5 damage to the player when provoked.



The Smilodon is a carnivore that lived during the Cenozoic time period. It is known to be one of the fiercest hunters of its time. The Smilodon is packed with action, The Smilodon shows no mercy, it’s like one of those blockbuster film villains, when it finds the chance it will leap at you, and any other animal. The Smilodon has 20 health and deals 5 damage to the player. Upon death the Smilodon drops the Smilodon Tooth which can be crafted into the Smilodon Dagger which gives the player speed effect.Crafting Recipe for the Saber tooth dagger [Above]



The Titanis is a carnivorous Bird, that lived in South America. The Titanis is hostile to every animal in this add on, there is not much to say about the Titanis, it’s just a killing machine. Beware of the plains biome they spawn very frequently. The Titanis has 40 health and it deals 8 damage.

The Basilosaurus 


The Basilosaurus is a aquatic mammal that lived in the Cenozoic Era. The Basilosaurus is a skilled hunter that lives in the ocean biome. One benefit about the Basilosaurus is that it can give you free food, which is fish. The Basilosaurus will hunt fish in the ocean quiet often and overall its just a glorious sight to view. The Basilosaurus has 225 health and it deals 10 damage to the player when threatened.

The Dodo


The Dodo bird is the Chicken of the Cenozoic Era. It simply exists and runs around the world doing whatever dodos do. Upon killing the dodo it drops dodo meat, which can be a decent food source. You can breed them by giving them seeds, plus if you want them as pets you can even make them sit!


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