Are you tired finding ores in minecraft? Well this addon adds 11 biomes in minecraft to help you find ores in easy way, just make sure you find it in easy way.

This Addon is survival friendly. But first turn on experimental gameplay to 100% works


Top #7:Woodland biome

Woodland biome-will help you to take more woods, also you are lucky if you spawn here 😁, idk if animals spawn that biome, but you need to test if animals spawn in that biome (sorry again for english grammars) 

Top #6:Stone biome puzzle games on mobile

Also if you spawn between woodland biome and stone biome, you are lucky. You don’t need to go to cave to mine a stone, also there’s a chance to spawn iron ore in your world, if anything problems in that biome report it quickly. 

Top #5:iron biome with blocks and ores

You need stone pickaxe to break iron blocks, after break a iron block, you will see iron ore under of it. YOU ARE VERY LUCKY (LITTLE) if you see this biome 😃

Top #4:Emerald biome with blocks and ores

You know how hard find emerald ore in minecraft, but now! This addon will help you to find some ores in minecraft, like emerald, there’s a chance create a emerald biome between stone, woodland, or iron biome, you need to used iron pickaxe to broke that emerald block. 

Be a lucky for today

Top #3:Golden biome with blocks and ores

There’s a chance to create a biome like this 👆, between stone or emerald biome. You know how hard to find a gold ore in mimecraft, but now! It’s super easy. Used iron pickaxe to broke a gold block and gold ore. YOU ARE VERY VERY LUCKY IF YOU FOUND THIS BIOME. 

Top #2:Diamond biome with block and ores

Now! Everyone’s love diamonds in minecraft but……. It’s so hard to find in caves 🙁, don’t worry, this addon will help you to diamond ore, used iron pickaxe or golden pickaxe to broke diamond block. You are very very very lucky in minecraft. There’s a chance create diamond biome between woodland and stone biome. GOOD LUCK

Top #1(finale):Netherite biome

It’s super hard to find netherite block in nether, so I’m very sad 😔, So i quickly go to my addon maker app and make some biomes like netherite biome, so…………. It works, I’m surprised when i see this biome, also used Diamond Pickaxe to broke netherite block. After you broke a netherite block, there’s a chance to mine a golden nugget ore. NOW IF YOU FIND THOSE BIOMES DID I SHOW YOU, YOU ARE NOW MOST VERY LUCKY IN MINECRAFT LIKE ME 🍀🍀🍀🍀😏😏😁🙂


1.You have no license to publish my addon in any websites and apps

2.If you make a video about my addons, credit me and make sure you have a link on mcpedl or mediafire 

3.If you find some people changing my codes or publish them and say *I’m creator of this addon*, quickly go to my twitter or comment here to report that person who publish my addon and change the author

4.comment in my Twitter or mcpedl if you have any suggestions for the next update. And don’t forget to rate it. 

5.don’t forget to open experimental gameplay=creation of biome

There’s no location commands needed, find it, or just type /tp random position 

This addon is survival friendly, Do not sign in on xbox or Microsoft, or else your achievements will be removed 🙂

That’s it, i think you have a good comments now 🙂

NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!:V2

What’s new!! 

Added 3 biomes

1.Lapis Lazuli Biome with block and ores

Bonus block:Wool

The most useful item in minecraft to enchant your items, it its called *Lapis Lazuli*, do you know how hard to find these ores, but now!!!! You can find it in easy way, using this addon, you can find these biome between woodland, diamond, coal, and stone biomes. 

2.RedstoneBiome with block and ores

You can find easily redstone ores deep in caves, but you know, go to the deep cave is so dangerous, now! I’ve got an idea, why i make redstone biome. You can find this biome between gold, and netherite biomes. 

Bonus block:Redstone lamp

3.Coal Biome

It’s very dark in that biome. Beacause that biome is…. Coal biome, i know how easy to find coal, however these coal ore generates in cave close to dark, now why i make a biome like coal biome, so it works!!!! It works!!!, now i have no problem about this biome. 😀These biome generates between lapis lazuli biome, woodland biome and diamond biome. 

Bonus block:Sponge

I forgot to tell you, this biome have 1% – 25% chance to generates. 

Those biomes that I show you is danger a little bit, beacause there’s a monster will spawn in the night. 

Also these addon is survival friendly. 

I think I’m done for these updates, i hope i got a good comments 😁😀

Bye bye see you soon 🙂👋

New Update!!!! :V2. 2

I’m sorry for this update, i try my best to make some trees in every biomes but it’s not working, i try it many times. Sorry

What’s new!!! 

Added 1 biome called luckybiome


Hello everyone, i added 1 biome called LUCKY BIOME. Remember this biome have no trees, but you can get some lucky ingots here. 

You can watch my little video. 


You can get some rewards on that biome

Netherite ingot, iron ingot, emerald, diamond, gold ingot. 


1. Most-lucky-biomes-in-minecraft- 1612683425035


2. Most-lucky-biomes-in-minecraft-v2