You can finally live out your Sakura tree dreams with this addon!! Add some spice or a sprinkle of pink to your Minecraft world with this addon. Make a bright pink forest with these pretty Sakura trees. Build your dream house with these pastel pink planks! The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your creativity! You can even craft some planks in your survival world! This addon adds new Sakura items such as: Trees, Saplings, Leaves, Wood, and Planks.

YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY ON TO USE THIS ADDON!!!! The crafting recipe for planks is shown down below. I am working on V2 for this addon so stay tuned. Any suggestions are appreciated!!! 

This is what the trees look like in the game they are a beautiful pink color. The leaves are pastel pink and the trunk is a magenta like color. These trees should spawn in the wild so you can build your house out of these planks. The spawn rate is pretty high so you will see these in almost if not every forest.

This is the crafting recipe for planks. Each log gives four planks. The planks are a pastely pink and are so cute!


1. Sakura trees addon v2