Are you bored of appearing in the middle of nowhere and far from the ocean?

would you love to appear in a village near many biomes next to the spawn point?

If the answer is “YES” this is your seed, it has a village, an ocean, many biomes attached to the respawn point and the village

This seed was tested in 1.16.10 so from that version the seed works, I don’t know if it works in older versions

This seed is a caress to the soul for those who enjoy good views from the mountains

Here are some small photos of the seed:

all the photos were taken in positions that can be followed through the images, I will leave the coordinates anyway just in case.
not all photos have coordinates because I forgot to save them, sorry 🙁

  154 70 626

354 70 716

499, 129, 916

215 82 470

If I make a mistake with any coordinate, sorry beforehand, it will be corrected

More Photos:

Featured image for better viewing:

Seed ID