Sid Village under the snow

ID: 22202

A village under snow is a very interesting seed in Minecraft PE, which will spawn you in a small village that you will like with its location, which, by the way, is very unusual here. All due to the fact that half of the village is located on the snow biome, which is quite unusual and you will not have to run far behind the snow, since this “item” will always be at your fingertips.

Winter Village mcpe 1
Winter Village mcpe 2

The village is really small – it consists of a couple of houses, but it doesn’t matter, since there is a smithy in it, which makes this settlement not so useless, uninteresting …

The most interesting thing is that many seeds will spawn you next to objects, and you have to go in a certain direction in order to find this or that location. Here, quite the opposite, as soon as you are reborn, you will immediately notice the inhabitants, as well as the village itself in MCPE.

Winter Village mcpe 3
Winter Village mcpe 4

Plus, you will find a starting bonus that will help you start the game with some comfort and pleasure. The chest is located in the same smithy, after entering this building, turn immediately to the left, and you will notice it. However, it is better to leave a screenshot – it will be lower, so remember it easier, and if anything, you can return to our website and look again at Minecraft PE.

Winter Village mcpe 5

Inside you can find: an apple, in the amount of two pieces; sprouts of oak tree, three pieces; four obsidians and an iron cuirass;

LED: 1063516859