Hii there.. are you bored with the basic minecraft? Want somethings new and challenging? if you guys love survival, guns and pve, you can try this addon. Discover new structure, enemy, loots, item and more!! I hope you like it. This addon is light to.. so you can uses it on low end device

On this Beta update i added new enemies, Dead body, Improved 3rd person gun, Structure and more

 gun now have new 3rd person player animation, Not all Gun have it 😀

Biome (War Biome) 

This bome have a special structures that only spawned here like a oil land, abandoned lab, and ruined post. The enemy will spawn more in this biome, be carefull 


There are 2 type of gun, basic gun and upgraded gun, the basic gun can be upgraded some of them are single shot, and the upgraded gun are full auto. 

  • Basic gun 

This is the first gun that can be crafted and upgraded. This gun is single shot.

Basic AR 

First Person 

Third Person

Damage : 10 – 11

This gun have a recoil and can be upgraded to “Ar Tactical”  

Basic Aug 

First Person 

Third Person

Damage : 10

Same like basic AR this gun still have a recoil and can be upgraded to “AugTactical” 


Third Person

Damage : 10 

Same like basic ar but this one are full auto and have 50bullet/magazine 

Sniper Rifle

Damage : 25 

Very powerfull weapon that can do a piercing shot, it also have custome animation and sound and also aim function (zoom)

This weapon is single shot and have 5bullet/magazine

You now can zoom it!! Sneak To zoom

Fn Fal 

This gun replaced bow. I also change the arrow texture into bullet.

  • Upgraded Gun 

AR Tactical 

First person 

Third Person

Damage : 13

This gun have a less recoil than basic gun and have a silenced gunshot sound than basic AR 

Skin (ToyGun) 

Third Person 

Aug Tactical 

First person 

Third Person 

Damage : 13

Same like AR tactical, this gun have a less recoil but have more detailed silenced sound. 

Skin (Golden) 

Kriss Vector 

This weapon is special and can only obtain by trading with agent using diamond 

Damage : 13 

Same like ar tactical but wuth more firerate 

Skin (SweetWhite) 

  • Shotgun (New)

This weapon shot 8 spread bullet/shot so you can hit multiple target in 1 shot

deals 20 damage and have 2 bullet. Using shells ammo 

  • Pistol (new)

Very weak gun but have 30 bullet same like the other gun, it can be easily get by trade with survivor only using 32 rotten flesh. Deals 4-5 damage and single shot. 

  • Special Gun 


First person 

This is the powerfull weapon in this addon that have unlimited ammo. 

Ths gun is only obtainable after kill kio mech boss 


First person 

Third Person

And powerfull explosion gun that only can be obtained from entity loot drop, it will create a large explosion area when shot.


Dropped from bandit(terorist) deals 7.5 damage and have dash ability WITH 5SEC COOLDOWN, hold to activate. can be obtained by loot drop from teroris

  • Projectile


The explosion 

Now in 3d projectile

A projectile that cause small explosion but left fire in area. 

How to obtain? 

First you need a glass bottle then pick an oil from War Biome 

Then craft molotov block like this 

You have to place it then ignite it with flint and steel, destroy to collect. 


The explosion 

 An explosive projectile that can be obtainable in survival by loot drop from entity.

Gameplay gif 

Here some gun gameplay gif 


  • Terorist 

Health : 25 

Spawn time : all day

Loot : Bandit item, fn fal(bow), cooked beef, potato, baked potato, and raw meat (random)

Spawn : forest, hills, and mountain 

This is the main enemy, they attack player, soldier, agent, and villager with their gun, becarefull with horde of them, they can shoot 3 bullet in a row every 2-3 second. 

  • Melee Terorist

Health : 30

Spawn time : All Day

Loot : same like terorist, have a chance to drop katana

spawn : forest, hills, and mountain 

This terorist has more speed and more health than the basic terorist he is not spawn on desert, i summoned it.

  • Rocket Bandit

Health : 25

Spawn time : Random

Loot : rpg and terorist loot

Spawn : forest, hills, and mountain 

Becarefull with him, make sure to kill him first in a war and stay away to avoid his rocket explosion 

Now every terorist will be dead body after you kill them or get killed

  • Terorist’s dead body 
  • Madman

Health : 20

Spawn Time : all day

Loot : same like terorist

Spawn : Overworld 

He have a fast speed and will throw a molotov cocktail to their enemy, stay away because he can cause serious fire damage. 

  • Madman’s dead body 
  • Terrorist Car 

Health : 70 

Spawn time : night – midnight 

Loot : iron ingot, ammo, grenade (random) 

They only spawn at night and support terorist while fight, becarefull with their combination because they will have rapid firerate, this entity have a knockback resistance too

  • Soldier 

Health : 30 

Spawntime : allday

Loot : Fn Fal(bow)

Spawn : Overworld, plains, beach 

He protect villager and help us to fight against terrorist. he now have a small chance to spawn with p90, ARbasic, and augtactical weapon.

The dead body after you kill it or get killed 

  • Elite Soldier 

Health : 45

Loot : Gold Aug A3Tactical 

Spawn : –

He is more tougher and deadly than basic soldier.. he can get knock and can be revived after die 

For now this entity and the revive item are not obtainable on survival, but you can craft the bandage backpack in the survival with 6 leather and 2 medicine 

  • Army Heli 

Health : 45 

Loot : – 

Spawntime : night 

Spawn : Overworld 

this army heli will help soldier fight against terorist, he will only fly up when there is a enemy above near him, he can shoot rapid bullet. 

  • Humvee 

Health : 60 

Loot : iron_ingot, granade, and ar ammo (random)

Spawntime : Night

Spawn : Overworld 

Same like terrorist car, he can move fast and shot rapid bullet. My brother modelled it, i just change the face XD..

  • Rusty Car 

Loot : Car lamp, Car seat, Car engine, Car body, Car door (random) drop 2

This entity only spawn on war biome, destroy it to get material to craft a car 


  • Chopper (NOW OBTAINABLE)

Have 50 health and 2 seat, look up to fly up and look down to get down. This vehicle Now can be obtained in survival by collecting his engine part

How to obtain on survival?

First you need to collect rotor, blades and heli engine then craft like this, all that part can be collected from engine box block 

Remember you can only craft that on workbench

  • Pick Up Car 

Have 50 health and 2 seat, a soldier can also ride this but it may cause glitch 

To obtain this item tou need all car material and 4 tires(from ruined post structure) iron ingot and redstone. 

First craft a car part using all car material 

Then craft a car block you can get car tires from tire block in ruined post structure 

Destroy it to summon a car 

As you can see, you can only craft that on Workbench

  • Agent 

Health : 20 

Loot : Bow and bandit items (random)

Spawn time : day

Spawn: overworld, plains 

He trade every usefull items for us to make a gun and upgrade a gun. He have a weapon too to protect himself from terrorist attack, but he have a bad aim and acuracy. 

  • Kio Mech

Rhis is the boss of the addon, rhis entity will be buffed every update, balanced with the new future stuff 

Healrh : 500 

Loot : Gatling gun and loot key (1-4 drop) 

Spawn : fromm bossblock (structur)

This boss will drop loot key that very usefull to open lootcrate block. This entitiy can blow up when die and causes fire.. make sure to kill it from a long range to avoid the explosion. 

  • Lost Villager

Health : fainted- 

Spawn : overworld 

Loot :- 

Spawn time : night 

This villager spawn rarely at night, you can turn it into secret agent using tactical tool box, this entity will slowly death (dissapear) at day , maybe

  • Secret agent

Health : 30 

Spawn : – 

Loot : – 

He can protect you after you tame it with pumpkin pie, he will follow you everywhere you go and will fight for you. 

New Entity 


(this is not my texture) i found it on nova gallery but i didnt see the creator’s name.. maybe you can help me?

spawned on desert and jungle with small percentage, you can trade usefull item by trade with him using rotten flesh as a money! 

You can buy pistol, shotgun, ammo anew armor, and medicine from him


all of infected are spawned on desert and mesa biome!!

He spawned on desert and war biome, just like a husk but give weakness effect when attack. Have 25 health and if you kill him they will turned intu a half of himself 

Half Infected

have 15 health.. but lower speed than the normal infected, so they have second life with total 40 health! 

Hazmat Infected (Beta) 

Have 50 health.. becarefull with him, he can spread radiation effect in 5 radius to everyone, even infected, zombie, and husk too, so maybe you will lucky or badluck when meet him:D. You can get poison and nausea effect when you’re to close with him. 

Mutant Fire Infected 

Sorry for the misstextured:D This entity can shot small fireball at you, have 20 health and medium speed, this entity i make it for test only, so it s not fire immune and not hurt on water too.. maybe i will fix it on the next updated and add more infected entity with custom ability:)


  • Painttable 

This block can be obtained by trading with agent using workbench, this block is used to give a weapon skin. 

just place your wapon’s skin and your weapon like this 

Some gun have their own skin, you can buy skin from agent with 10 emerald.

  • Workbench 

This is very usefull block to craft a gun, ammo, and upgrade gun.  

The recipe 

  • Lootcrate

You can only found it on abandobed lab structuere, open it with loot key to get valuable item. Ine loot key is for one lootcrate 

  • Bossblock

You can found it on abandoned lab structure, destroy the block to summon kio mech boss, make sure tou have a gear to protect you 

Forget the command block, my structure are not usinf command, i forget to remove it after making a thumbnail:D 

Engine Box 

This box can only be found inside bunker structures, destroy it to collect engine pat to make vehicle 

Loot: Car Lamp, heli engine, car engine, rotor, blades, iron ingot, tire block.

Some Items 

  • Gun Skin 

Make your gun looks more beautiful

  • Tactical tool box 

This item can only obtained from trading with agent or you can find it on structure, but its rare, cost 8 emerald. It used to upgrade a gun. 

  • Bandit items 

Dropped from bandit(terrorist) its used to trade with agent to collect gun part for making a gun. You can trade this just like an emerald.

  • Ice cream 

So cold and Delicious!! Freeeze… After eat this you will get slowness effect for 5sec because of its cold but you can also get slow falling 5sec and regeneration 2 and also health boost 3 for 10 sec. Want to try ??

You can craft it like this 

  • Medicine 

This item is very usefull in the battle because it dont have a use time, you can instantly eat medicine and get regeneration 2 effect for 5 seconds 

It can be crafted like this 

  • Heavy Mech Armor and loot key (at right)

In theleft is justice sword 

All of that items are from loot crate 

The sword have an ultimate, hold to acrivate, have a cooldown 10 seccond 

New Vest and attachables armor 

cheapest and easiest armor to get, you can get it from survivor, just give him rotten flesh:) but not strong as mech armor

And the gun part items, ammo are from agent. Then how to get a gun and craft ammo? 

First you need to craft “Workbench” then trade with the agent to get all gun part, you can find HIM in overworld, Or plains field 

To make 1 gun you need at least 30 bandit item from terrorist, you can only collect that item by killing terrorist And you need to buy the right gun part to make a gun example, to make basic AUG you need AUG stock, AUG grip, and AUG barrel, (the name of the gun part will shown when you trade just like in the picture) some of gun cannot be crafted, you have to buy it using diamond and gold

Here is the recipe 

(This is the old version texture, this new version has been retextured)

  • Basic Ar
  • Basic Aug
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Shotgun 
  • Ar Ammo
  • Ar Tactical
  • Aug tactical
  • Shotgun

Remember you can only craft that item in “workbench” 

How to reload 

If your gun are empty, your gun will be like this. 

All those gun have the same ammo, so you just need your Empty gun and ar ammo then craft like this. Some of gun have their own ammo

Dont worry about the ammo stack, you just only need 1 ammo to reload

  • Structure

All the structure are generated in overworld, but some of them are spawned on desert only

Abandoned building 

Loot : junk items(rotten flesh and cobweb), minerals(iron and coal), gun part. 

Abandoned House 

Loot: only blocks:D and lava 

Abandoned base 

Loot : Bandit items, emerald, food, iron and gold and also ammo.

Communication tower 

Loot : Tactical tool box, emerald, and totem of undying 

New Structure 

Small emergency Bunker

Sometimes you will find cracked bunker or closed bunker but the loot are same you will find 2 engine box inside it. Only spawned on desert and mesa biome. Here what inside bunker looks like.

Destroyed Storage 

Only spawn on desert mesa and jungle, you can found a little valuable loot inside the 2 barrel like food, redstone, and shotgun ammo

War biome structure 


You can get oil from this 

Ruined post 

There is 2 tire block that can be used to craft a car and a workbench too 

Abandoned lab 

There ia one boss block on thw top 4 loot crate 

You can edit the Structure codes in the feature rules if these structure are hard for you to find. 


Make sure to only enable this experimental or not with “caves and cliff”!! 

The old version of this addon was tested in minecraft bedrock beta, so this new version should be worked.


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