Wanna 1v1 your friend or your relative in minecraft? Without any interruptions, only two of you fighting to show who’s the best. Simple PVP is a pvp map which requires 2 players (Max). First to 10 kills wins. This map is programmed to play with only 2 players. You cannot start a match if you are alone.


In the lobby, there is player counter which displays amount of players. It updates automatically and periodically. If right amount of players was detected, It shows that you can now play a match


In the arena, there is a kill counter to keep track of kills and when a player achieved 10 kills, pvp will be off and the game will anounce the winner.

This is my first submission and my first map ever created so I expect many bugs and issues. Please make sure to comment it so I can fix it and improve in making maps.

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1. Simple-pvp-by-rednuerocs